Archaeologists Discover Secret Chamber In Aztec Temple, What Other Secret Chambers Are Undiscovered Around The World?

The ancient Aztec ruins at the Templo Mayor, formerly Tenochtitlán, is where archaeologists stumbled upon a mystery. The secret Aztec chamber was found when archaeologists continued to study a secret tunnel that was found in 2013. What lies behind the sealed secret chamber? Archaeologists believe that the chamber houses an ancient Aztec king. If an Aztec king is behind the chamber wall, historians and researchers will finally get the chance to study the Aztec burial practices and chambers.

As stated earlier, a tunnel was discovered in 2013. Archaeologists have been exploring inside the tunnel when they came to a passage leading to a circular structure. The area discovered appears to be the place where the bodies of the Aztec royalty would be cremated. Finally, the archaeologists came to a doorway that was sealed shut. They believe that when they open the door, they will have discovered an Aztec burial chamber. Leonardo Lopez Lujan talks about the discovery.

“From what the sources say, the Cuauhxicalco was a structure of a funerary character, so we can speculate that behind these walls there might be two small rooms that contain the incinerated remains of several leaders.”

The age of the Aztec temple in which Lujan was talking about would date back to the early beginnings of the Aztec Empire. The potential exists that behind the secret chamber lies the remains of Montezuma. On the other side of the world, another burial chamber is being watched very closely in the archaeology community. Researchers and archaeologists in Egypt have found something very strange in the tomb of King Tut. A secret chamber has been found in the boy king’s tomb and speculation is rampant that Queen Nefertiti is buried inside. A report by the Inquisitr talked about a project called “Scanning The Pyramids.” Researchers and Egyptologists are using an infrared scanner in order to completely map the tombs of Ancient Egypt.

“Many theories have been proposed, either explaining (the tombs’ and pyramids’) construction or their structural anomalies, but we are physicists and engineers, not archaeologists. Our goal is to use techniques to get concrete results. Then the Egyptologists will interpret them.”

Egyptologists are now almost 100 percent sure that the tomb of Tut has a secret chamber. What is in that chamber is still unknown. Why would Queen Nefertiti be buried with King Tut? Nefertiti ruled alongside the family bloodline in which Tut was in. If researchers ever get into the secret chamber and find the remains of the queen, news of the discovery will circle the globe.

Is it a coincidence that secret chambers were found in places with pyramids or pyramid-like structures, half a world away at similar times? It is very interesting to think about that it was more than luck or if some other force caused the secret chambers to finally be found.

Archaeologists are careful to make sure people do not get their hopes up. The process of getting into the secret chambers found in the Aztec and Egyptians tombs is going to take time. In the past, hopes have been raised and crushed when it was thought that remains of an Aztec king were found. So far, none have been found, leaving the mystery of ancient Aztec burial secrets still unknown.

Do you think the remains of an Aztec king lie in rest behind the secret chamber doors? How strange is it that secret chambers have been found in places on opposite sides of the Earth at around the similar time?

[Image Via AP Photo/Marco Ugarte]