WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens Wants To See If He Can ‘Hurt’ Brock Lesnar

With the biggest wrestling event of the year just four months away, all plans for WrestleMania 32 have been scrapped and WWE is starting over. That being said, just about anything can happen and any match could be made. Kevin Owens is the current Intercontinental Champion, and he may have an ideal opponent in mind and that man is Brock Lesnar. Actually, Owens doesn’t want to just face Lesnar, but he wants to see if he can “hurt” him.

Owens was a recent guest on the Like Father Like Son podcast with Jeramie McPeek, and he was asked who he would like to face at WrestleMania. Owens said that he would want to face Lesnar, mostly because he would like to “see what it’s like.”

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Well, that wasn’t all the Intercontinetnal Champion said.

Owens said that he knows there is no one quite like Lesnar. Trying to match up with his pure strength and viciousness is something that Owens said he would love to try and attempt. Still wait, there’s more.

“I’d love to see if I could hang with him and see how much I could hurt him.”

This isn’t necessarily a threat or a challenge or anything like that, but it sure does sound like “fighting words.”

Owens has never faced Lesnar, and it would be a match that would pit two wrestlers, of totally different physiques, against one another. The two would be able to match up their brute strength and not just see who would win, but essentially who could hurt the other one more.

Owens went on to say that he’d also love to face The Undertaker some day, but he realizes that it may not be feasible.

“I’d love to get in the ring with The Undertaker one day, too. I feel like that’s a long shot, I guess, because he wrestles on a limited basis and when he does, it’s always a huge deal. But, hopefully I can position myself in the next year or so to be seen as a viable opponent for the Undertaker, because it would be a thrill to be in the ring with him at WrestleMania or anywhere. It can be on a Raw or a live event, I don’t really care. I’d just love to be in the ring with him. I feel like that would be an experience I’d never forget.”

As stated earlier, all plans for WrestleMania 32 are up in the air right now, so it’s not really known what matches will take place. Even if it didn’t happen at that event, a match-up between Owens and Lesnar could happen at some other time or another.

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This isn’t the first time that Owens has publicly stated that he wanted a piece of Lesnar. Back around SummerSlam, Lesnar was going into his huge match with The Undertaker, but Owens was already talking about how good a match he would have with the “Beast Incarnate.”

“I think there’s only one answer for me right now, and it is Brock Lesnar. I think a lot of people want to see it…. I was there the night he made his debut on Raw for WWE. I was in the crowd, like the fifth row. I remember being blown away immediately by this guy, I was on board right away…. I used to do the F5 when I was on the indies because of how much I admire him so I’d love to be the one to put an end to him.”

Well, Lesnar is said to be returning soon from his current WWE break, and Owens has actually been noticeably absent lately. WrestleZone revealed that Kevin Owens actually got very sick over the past week and WWE sent him home from Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh this week.

He is expected back with WWE sometime next week, and he tweeted out his status to the fans and also thanked everyone for their support.

Yes, it’s been a rough couple of days. Owen and I both got pretty sick but we’re back home with Karina and Élodie now so we’ll be ok.

— Kevin Owens (@FightOwensFight) December 2, 2015

A match-up between Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar may not happen at WrestleMania 32 or anytime soon, but it’s one that should. Given their pure strength, brutality, and violent natures, it would be a match that wouldn’t just be good, but one that the fans would give anything to see happen.

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