Oprah Winfrey Reveals Name For Premature Son She Lost At 14

Oprah Winfrey has revealed that she lost a son at the age of 14. The media mogul opened up about the horribly tragic time while she was in Australia at the Rod Laver Arena. At the time, Winfrey was giving a speech.

According to News, she spoke about an exchange she had with a reporter about the boy she had that died. “I did an interview with a reporter before I came to Australia and she said you should name the baby son who died.”

She continued and revealed that the special name she picked was Canaan. “So I have named him, I had a little boy named Canaan. I did have a son. And I named him Canaan because Canaan means new land, new life.”

Oprah Winfrey’s son wasn’t the only list of subjects she decided to discuss. According to the source, Winfrey also explained how she became pregnant, which happened as a product of rape by a family member.

“I was raped at 9 years old by a cousin, then again by another family member, and another family member.”

Winfrey said that her pregnancy was hidden because of her pain and shame that she felt. When she finally spoke about her rape, Winfrey wrote in O magazine that she felt free about letting the story out.

“And I soon realized that having the secret out was liberating. What I learned for sure was that holding the shame was the greatest burden of all.”

In a turn of events, Winfrey’s public reveal about her son that lost his life clearly detracts from the story about another man who claimed to be her son. As the Inquisitr reported, Winfrey was ambushed at the Ed Sullivan Theater by a man named Calvin Mitchell, who alleged that he was her secret son.

Photos were taken of Winfrey and Mitchell outside of the event where the ambush took place. At the time she pressed her hand to his chest and his phone number was handled by her rep. Mitchell spoke to Radar Online and gave them an exclusive interview. He said that Oprah had adopted him and then abandoned him when he was a teenager. The 35-year-old claims that when he was 17-years-old, he dropped out of a private school that the media mogul was paying for. This, he says was a huge point of contention, and now he’s coming forward for forgiveness.

So how did the two meet? It’s said that they met in 1992 on the set of There Are No Children Here. During their quick exchange he allegedly offered her a diet coke, and she was “touched” by the moment. “Oprah asked my mom if she could adopt me, and my mom denied her.”

Mitchell’s mother, Eva Mitchell said of the moment, “It felt strange because I felt if someone wanted to help me with my children, that’s one thing. But to actually adopt one child knowing I have others? I couldn’t allow her to separate my children.”

The only comments Winfrey has made about a son, is the one she lost, Canaan. She has never come forward about Calvin Mitchell, which leads most to believe that Oprah never adopted Mitchell.

What do you think about Calvin Mitchell’s claim? More importantly, what are your thoughts on Winfrey’s revelation about her lost son Canaan?

[Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images]