Club Members In ‘The Sims 4’ Can Attempt A Club Takeover With Gossip In ‘Get Together’

Clubs in “Get Together” are an impressive gameplay feature coming to The Sims 4. Players can join existing Clubs, create new ones, and tailor them to create truly unique and entertaining experiences for a variety of Sims. In fact, players will find their Sims willing to go against their nature, traits, and personal wishes while in a Club gathering in “Get Together.”

With the release of “Get Together” next week worldwide, eager players of The Sims 4 must only wait a few more days to experiment with the new Club feature and all the other accouterments that come with the second expansion. With the anticipation of its release mounting, The Sims 4 developers are keeping the excitement going with a list of things, found on the official site, players will be able to experience and achieve when “Get Together” releases.

Many aspects of the expansion worth noting are related to Clubs. The new gameplay feature is arguably the most intriguing aspect of “Get Together” adding several layers of new Sim interactions. Of course, the expansion also includes new items for Sims, new objects for decoration, and new building pieces centered on the European modern theme. However, new walk-in closets, bonfires, and fresh WooHoo locations are also worth mentioning.

In “Get Together,” players will be able to create and manage Clubs that enjoy nearing any activity in The Sims 4. Clubs can be groups of gardeners, mechanics, or even cleaning enthusiasts. Depending on the Club’s preferences, Sims can enjoy any activity even if it is one they would not normally enjoy. Not to mention, the new bar and nightclub venue will be perfect for drinking buddies or clubbing Sims.

The expansion will also introduce the new DJ and dancing skills for Sims to master. DJs can use the Teleplosion ability, for example, to control multiple video screens to keep the crowd going. Dancing, on the other hand, can be enjoyed alone or in a group setting with special group dancing routines. However, Clubs are not all good times and drama-free gatherings. Rival Clubs can be created to harass other Clubs, and Club members can even scheme to overthrow the Club Leader through gossip. The developer post suggests that there might be a hefty reward for successfully completing a Club coup.

Be sure to check out even more ways Clubs in “Get Together” can be customized before The Sims 4 expansion launches. As the Inquisitr reported, Club customization will go beyond naming the organization and selecting the image to appear above Club members’ heads while they are together. Players will be able to choose what the Club likes to do, who can join the Club, and what the Club’s members should wear. This is in addition to the five encouraged and five discouraged behaviors Clubs can promote with specifics such as a rivalry with another Club.

Clubs will also utilize a special Club point currency to earn while participating in Club activities. Earn enough of these points and players can buy special Club Perks like boosts, secret handshakes, or vibes that will automatically apply to Club members when they get together. In The Sims 4, Clubs can even build their very own Club hangout or choose an existing location to call their own that is perfect for their members.

“Get Together,” the second full expansion for The Sims 4, will release on December 8. Players can pre-order the expansion now for $39.99 via Origin. Physical editions of the expansion are planned; however, only some retailers will carry physical discs in their copies of “Get Together.” All physical copies will include a code to download the expansion via Origin as well according to the expansion’s FAQ on the official site.

[Image via The Sims 4]