Kim Kardashian Not Among The Top Three Most Fashionable Celebrities of 2015, According To Source

Is Kim Kardashian still one of the most fashionable celebrities in the world?

There’s no doubt about it — Kim Kardashian is one of the most recognizable fashion icons of her era. But in 2015? Not so much.

In fact, according to Yahoo’s search history, Kardashian wasn’t even in the top three when it came to the most searched fashion celebrities of 2015.

According to Polyvore’s Year In Review, Ariana Grande took the top spot as the style superstar, according to Yahoo’s search history (Yahoo owns the style website Polyvore). Polyvore’s Year in Review notes that Grande’s 2015 fashion style was characterized by cat ears, a fit and flare dress, a tie-die tank top, and a polka dot black skirt. The review also notes that Grande garnered over 10 percent more searches in 2015 over the second lady on the list.

Interestingly, Grande was followed by Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, Kendall Jenner. The fact that Kendall Jenner took the second spot is notable because, in recent months, many media outlets have made Kylie Jenner out to be Kim’s fashion rival, not Kendall.

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While media outlets have been busy questioning whether Kylie is ready to take over as the Kardashian clan’s fashion queen, it seems as if Kendall has swooped in under the radar to dethrone both of her sisters. It makes sense, as Kendall is the only sister from the Kardashian-Jenner fashion empire to actually have a serious career as a super model.

As noted by Polyvore, Kendall Jenner’s fashion style is drastically different from that of Ariana Grande’s, and some of Jenner’s more notable moments were characterized by crop tops, tennis shoes, and black booties.

Taylor Swift rounded out the top three most fashionable celebrities of 2015, according to the Polyvore list. Swift, who enjoyed immense popularity in 2015 after the release of her 1989 album, is known for her black overalls, her mesh sweater, and her burgundy shoes.

So if Kim K doesn’t fall in the top three most fashionable celebrities of 2015, where exactly does she fall? According to Polyvore, Kardashian is No. 4 on the list, right behind Ariana, Kendall, and Taylor.

It’s a surprising spot for Kardashian, who usually tops these types of “most fashionable celebrities” lists. It should be noted that for much of 2015, Kardashian had to develop a different fashion sense than the other ladies on the list: Kim is pregnant with her second child, due any day, and allegedly gained more than 52 pounds throughout her pregnancy. Maternity style is never simple, and it’s even more difficult when the entire world is watching to see what you’ll wear next.

Nevertheless, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star managed to pull off some classy looks — and some shocking looks. No matter what she was wearing though, Kim’s baby bump was front and center for the world to see.

According to Polyvore, some of Kardashian’s most memorable fashion moments of 2015 included a tight white dress, a nude tube dress, and high-waisted swimwear. Check out some of Kim’s maternity style in the video below. (Article continues below the video.)

Notably, Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister Kylie landed sixth on the most fashionable celebrities of 2015 list. Kylie is surely becoming more popular among KUWTK fans, but perhaps the 18-year-old can still take a few tips from her older sister.

Do you agree with Polyvore’s list? Do you think Ariana Grande was the most fashionable celebrity of 2015? Why or why not?

Did you enjoy watching Kim Kardashian experiment with her maternity style this year? Why or why not?

Tell us about some of your favorite fashion moments of 2015 in the comments section below, and check out some of Ariana Grande’s best style moments in the following video.

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