‘Married At First Sight’ Alleged Death Threats From Ryan De Nino Revealed

It is time for a new season of Married at First Sight, but crazy information from the last season is still coming out. Ryan De Nino and his wife Jessica Castro didn’t last and now some of the reasons are starting to come to light and it is pretty shocking. In Touch Weekly is now sharing about death threats that Ryan De Nino allegedly left for Jessica Castro. Of course, Ryan isn’t speaking out about them at all.

A source close to Jessica Castro actually shared the messages that Ryan De Nino allegedly left for Jessica. If you remember, Jessica actually filed for a restraining order against Ryan over the summer. Now everyone understands why she would feel the need to do that and protect herself.

In these tapes, Ryan is heard speaking out and giving some crazy threats to Jessica and her family as well.

“I should smack the s— out of you. I will break you into f—ing pieces. I will make your whole family disappear.”

Now even more news is coming out, though. Ryan De Nino had hired a lawyer for himself. Sources are saying that in October this lawyer, that was hired by the show, quit on Ryan because he didn’t feel comfortable working with him anymore. The lawyer, Soraya Balbin, shared that Ryan got very upset with him and even became violent. It got so bad that two other attorneys felt the need to come and check on him at the time. The lawyer asked Ryan De Nino to leave and shared that “He got even more defensive and furious. I have never been talked to the way he talked to me.”


Marc Rapaport, who is Jessica Castro’s lawyer, is now speaking out and saying that Ryan’s last name is not De Nino and is really Oehl. The lawyer went on to explain they are looking at legal actions against the show as well. They are not happy at all about the way that things went down for Jessica Castro.

“We are considering potential claims against the production company and network. We believe that in the quest for ratings, our client’s emotional well-being and physical safety were jeopardized.”

Hollywood Life shared that Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino are actually still legally married. Of course, Jessica wants a divorce from Ryan, but that is going to take time to get it done. Jessica’s lawyer explained that they are only still married because of Ryan’s “violent” behavior during their ongoing divorce case. This is making things take a lot longer. Jessica and Ryan should be going to court in January and hopefully then, Jessica will finally get her legal divorce. They will have been married for over a year by the time Jessica and Ryan go back to court for their divorce. They shared a bit more about the message that Ryan left for Jessica.

“I should smack the s— out of you. What the f— do you think that you can do? let’s be real. What the f— do you think that you can do? I will break you into f—— pieces. I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear and your f—— dog-ass sister’s boyfriend.”

Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino were on Season 2 of Married at First Sight. The third season of the show is now airing on A&E. New episodes are airing on Tuesday nights. Viewers are hoping that this season of the show has a few successful marriages. Three couples are getting the chance to try to find love at first sight once again.

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