Ohio Sisters Admit To Trying To Kill Their Mom In Bizarre Thanksgiving Incident

Two Ohio sisters are accused of trying to strangle their own mother to death on Thanksgiving day, but that’s not the only detail in this bizarre case. CBS News reports that 23-year-old Jennifer Barnes and 24-year-old Joanna Barnes have been charged with crimes associated with attempted murder — which is fortunate, since their alleged victim was able to escape with her life.

The Cleveland sisters share a home with their 56-year-old mother, where the violent incident reportedly took place. The circumstances surrounding why the two young women attacked their mother remains unknown in media reports. What is known, however, is that the duo allegedly used computer cables to attempt to strangle their mother to death. When she was able to break free from the assault, they allegedly tried to strangle her with towels. The two women are also accused of trying to smother the woman with a pillow.

The Daily Mail reports that the mother of the two sisters was able to escape and leave the home. She was later able to call police and get herself checked out at a nearby hospital. Police began investigating her allegations after the hospital had confirmed that she had suffered neck injuries associated with the alleged assault. She had also suffered from bruising.

The two Ohio sisters allegedly admitted to authorities that they had tried to kill their mother after plotting together about the event. However, as stated previously, their motive has not been revealed. Both sisters are currently being held in jail on bond in the amount of $50k each.

This isn’t the first time siblings have plotted together to kill their parents. However, many cases don’t end on a fortunate note as this one did. Sometimes these sibling team murders end in death. Two teenage sisters in 2003 successfully murdered their mother by first drugging her, and then drowning her in the bathtub. They became known as Canada’s “Notorious Bathtub Girls,” not only for their crime, but for their motive as well. The girls planned to kill their mother because they had grown tired of her spending all of “their inheritance” on booze. Earlier this year Crime Feed reported on the arrests of an incestuous brother-sister duo who had murdered their parents before committing absolutely vile acts with their remains.


No reports are indicating whether or not the sisters in this latest case have posted bond to be released from jail. However, they have appeared in court earlier this week, and both pleaded “not guilty” to the crimes they are accused of committing. They were scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, and at this time only one of the sisters is reported to have an attorney. Meanwhile, no reports are sharing whether or not the mother is wanting her two daughters prosecuted for attempted murder.

Reports reveal that when she called police, she only wanted authorities to “check” on her daughters. It wasn’t until after she got checked out in the hospital that police pressed for information, which ultimately led to the arrests of the two sisters.

[Photo: Willowick Police Dept. mugshots]