WWE Rumors: Another ECW Star Returning To WWE

The latest WWE rumors have another ECW star making a return to WWE to join Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz, according to Wrestling Inc.

When the Dudley Boyz were destroyed by Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper on Monday Night Raw, the belief was that WWE was simply giving some heat back to the Wyatt Family after they jobbed to Kane and the Undertaker at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. It felt very much like a blow off match. However, that was not the case, as a full-blown feud between the two sides has emerged. A slot at the upcoming TLC pay-per-view has been set aside for these guys, and the match might actually be growing.

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Tommy Dreamer made his return to WWE as the surprise reinforcement brought about by Bubba Ray and Devon. Armed with a trash can full of hardcore goodies, Dreamer made his way through the audience and stood by his extreme family. Since the Wyatt Family stable consists of Wyatt, Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman, the ECW clique is still outnumbered. Rumors soon emerged that another former Extreme Championship Wrestling alumni is going to make a return next week.

The latest WWE rumors suggest that another former ECW star is going to be making a return to WWE to join Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz. A name that has been ruled out is Konnan. [Image via WWE]

ECW Not Star Returning

One of the names that can definitely be ruled out from the list of former ECW stars is Konnan. The guy simply has far too many enemies in the industry. There are even rumors floating around that the former United States Heavyweight Champion is not even allowed to be a guest backstage when WWE is in southern California. Even if he were healthy enough to work a full match, WWE would more than likely avoid Konnan since fans view him as more of a WCW star than they do an ECW star.

Another name that can be removed from the list is Shane Douglas. Just like Konnan, he has a lot of enemies in the industry, one of which is being groomed right now to take over WWE some day. From a storyline standpoint, it makes all the sense in the world. Douglas is considered one of the biggest ECW stars. The creative department can even mix in some reality into the storyline because it would make sense for Shane to hate WWE. Unfortunately for Douglas, his inclusion in the storyline is not worth it enough for the company to reach out to him.

Rob Van Dam
The latest WWE rumors is that Rob Van Dam is one of the candidates to make a return to the company to join Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz. [Image via WWE]

ECW Star Returning

The easiest name to throw on to the list of potential returns is Rob Van Dam. The popular performer is still on good terms with WWE. RVD has publicly told fans that he still wants to continue to work with the company but only on a part-time basis. The former world heavyweight champion can do just that by coming back to work the TLC pay-per-view and sticking around just long enough to be a participant in the upcoming Royal Rumble match. Van Dam has plenty of history with Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz.

If WWE wanted to think outside the box, then Rey Mysterio would make an excellent candidate. ECW was the promotion that gave him a chance and helped propel him into superstardom in the United States. While Mysterio doesn’t have a history with Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz, he can create a much bigger buzz than most of the other candidates on the list. Management has been wanting Mysterio to make a return because of his popularity in Mexico and his ability move merchandise in all of the other countries.

Which former ECW star do you think will be making a return to WWE and joining Tommy Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz in their battle against the Wyatt Family?

[Image via WWE]

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