Farooq Saeed: Possible San Bernardino Shooting Suspect Identified By News Outlets, Police Manhunt Continues

Nathan Francis

Farooq Saeed has been identified as the possible San Bernardino shooting suspect, who reports indicate walked into a medical facility for people with developmental disabilities and opened fire.

The shooting took place at close to 11 a.m. in the 1300 block of South Waterman Avenue in the California city, taking place at a building identified as the Inland Regional Center. The facility is a state-run medical center that serves people with developmental disabilities, said Nancy Lungren, spokeswoman for the California Department of Developmental Services.

Unconfirmed reports identified the suspect as Farooq Saeed, a name repeated on police scanners and reported from some American news outlets. Police said two suspects were killed in a later shootout at the scene, one man and one woman. They were both reportedly armed with assault weapons and handguns. A third person was taken into custody, the New York Times reported.

Investigators said they believe one person may have worked at the facility or with the people targeted in the shooting and had a dispute with fellow employees. It is not known if the other alleged gunmen had a connection to the workplace.

— WCBM 680 (@WCBM680) December 2, 2015

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Police said in a news conference that as many as 14 people were killed and another 14 wounded.

"Witnesses said three men in masks and body armor stormed the crowded building and opened fire, with one shooting people in a conference room, according to reports," Fox News reported.

— SB County Sheriff (@sbcountysheriff) December 2, 2015

The gunman appeared calculated, a friend of a surviving victim told CNN.

"The guy came in next to her office and I guess started shooting," the friend said, via People magazine. "They see bodies on the floor. Ambulances are taking people out in stretchers."

Local officials said they were shocked not only by the attack, but by the target.

"We are a non-profit agency that provides services to kids and adults with disabilities. It's beyond words," an employee at the San Diego branch of the Inland Regional Center told People.

While it is not yet clear whether the San Bernardino shooting was an act of terrorism, the massacre did prompt a response from Department of Homeland Security. Flight radar information showed that a Homeland Security Pilatus PC12 has been circling over San Bernardino at close to 7,300 feet. Officials from the FBI and ATF also responded to the scene.

In a news conference Wednesday afternoon, FBI official said they did not know if the attack was an act of terrorism, but officials said the men "came prepared" with long guns and body armor.

Police have not yet confirmed if Farooq Saeed is indeed the San Bernardino shooting suspect. They have also not given names for the other suspects.