Mariah Carey’s Flu Leads To Hospitalization: How Is The Singer Doing Now?

Mariah Carey’s flu battle has thrown a wrench into her schedule for the week as the singer has been hospitalized in New York City. While Carey had an appearance Tuesday night in New York, by Wednesday morning, her team had become concerned enough that they pursued emergency treatment for her.

TMZ reports that Mariah Carey’s flu is severe enough that she has been checked into the hospital for a brief time. She is said to be dehydrated, and the doctors are loading her up with vitamins and fluids. Luckily, she is seemingly doing well enough that she is expected to head home later in the day Wednesday.

The singer performed at New York City’s Pier 1 event on Tuesday night, and she is expected to be at New Jersey’s “Hot for the Holidays” event for Hot 97 on Saturday night. According to Gossip Cop, that appearance at the New Jersey event is considered to be up in the air at this point. The site confirms that Mariah Carey’s flu has, indeed, landed her in a New York hospital.

This is not the first time this year that Carey has had to alter her performance schedule due to an illness. A Las Vegas show for her residency at the Colosseum was canceled due to a case of bronchitis a while back. Fans anxious to see her this weekend in New Jersey will have to hang tight to see if Carey’s flu bout leads to another cancellation.

As the Daily Mail notes, Carey looked fabulous during her Tuesday night appearance at the Pier 1 event. Fans surely would have never guessed that she was feeling severely ill, and poorly enough to need hospitalization, within a matter of hours. Though Mariah may be hospitalized, it seems via her Twitter page that she is already starting to feel a bit better, if she indeed is the one posting on her page.


Carey tweeted about having attended the Pier 1 party, and notes that she’s feeling festive and anxious to start decorating for Christmas. Another post from Wednesday touts the opportunity to win a trip to New York for her Christmas show.

The singer has been keeping a busy schedule of late, having appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and doing promotional work for her Hallmark movie, titled A Christmas Melody. The Hallmark movie marks Carey’s first project as a director, and stars Mean Girls and Party of Five star Lacey Chabert. Carey also stars in the film and the movie premieres on the Hallmark Channel on December 19.


As fans know, Carey has been keeping busy in her personal life, as well. She’s been dating Australian businessman James Packer for some time now, and the two have been doing a lot of traveling across the globe.

Mariah has twins Monroe and Morrocan with ex-husband Nick Cannon, and the family reunited for Thanksgiving so the kids could spend the holiday with both parents. Mariah and Nick’s split was pretty contentious at times, but everybody was full of smiles in the photo Carey shared of the big day.


In addition to her Hallmark movie and her appearances, Carey has turned one of her most recognizable Christmas tunes, her version of “All I Want for Christmas is You,” into a children’s book as well. The singer chatted with Good Morning America recently about all of her projects and the holiday traditions she has with her children. Considering the number of events and appearances she has had scheduled lately, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to fans that she ended up feeling unwell.

Fans have been flooding the singer’s last Instagram post with compliments on her Pier 1 performance and well wishes for a speedy recovery. Mariah Carey’s flu and hospitalization may be shaking up her week a bit, but fans suspect she will be back at it in no time.

[Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]