San Bernardino Shooting Update: Bomb Squad Called To Neutralize Explosive Device, 3 Shooters Still At Large

Officials in San Bernardino, California, are warning that three active shooters are at large in the community, in addition to a potential bomb threat. As police attempt to locate the shooters, a bomb squad was called to the location of the rampage to neutralize an apparent explosive device. Following the horrific incident in San Bernardino, police report that there were at least 20 victims with a confirmed 12 killed in the rampage.

CBS News reports that police in San Bernardino responded to the Inland Regional Center at around 11 a.m. PST. The police were called after an active shooter opened fire in the building. Police say that there are between one and three shooters and that the three suspects were white males wearing military gear. The Center provides social services for those with developmental disabilities, and the shooters entered the office buildings and began shooting. Following the active shooter situation, the bomb squad was called to the scene after an alleged explosive device was found on the premises.

As the bomb squad attempts to neutralize the feared explosive device, the three shooters are still at large. The FBI and ATF have responded to the mass shooting and are helping local law enforcement in a bid to find the shooters.

With so many law enforcement officers in the area, residents of San Bernardino are being asked to stay away from the scene and remain vigilant since the shooters are still at large and the bomb threat still exists. Reports state that the injured have been evacuated to a nearby hospital while 12 people were confirmed dead. CBS News crews on the scene interviewed a man who claims his wife was inside the Inland Regional Center at the time of the horrifying rampage and says she locked herself in an office when shots were fired. She claimed to have seen bodies outside and feared for her life.

Meanwhile, other reports indicate that a “suspicious package” may have arrived shortly before the shooting and that the bomb squad was responding in direct relation to the package. How the suspicious alleged bomb arrived was not disclosed. Police quickly worked to neutralize and evacuate the area due to the potential bomb threat.

SBFD units responding to reports of 20 victim shooting incident in 1300 block of S. Waterman. SBPD is working to clear the scene.

— San Bernardino Fire (@SBCityFire) December 2, 2015

The Inland Regional Center, where the active shooter and bomb threat were centered, serves more than 30,000 people with developmental disabilities in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The location allegedly employs about 670 staff members in the office building complex where the shooting took place.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports that people are still hiding in nearby buildings as the shooters are still sought by the police. The news outlet also reported that a “robot” was being sent in to detonate the alleged bomb.

The bomb is currently still being worked on by the bomb squad, and police are requesting that civilians stay out of the dangerous area.

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