San Bernardino Shooting Update: Officials At Presser Say No Evidence Of ISIS Link At This Time

Tara Dodrill

San Bernardino Shooting Update - Press conference held by local officials revealed that the three gunman remain on the loose. Police officials said they do no know the identities of any of the suspects. Multiple news outlets are reporting that law enforcement scanner traffic said that one suspect is named Farooq Saeed. According to alleged statements by Inland Regional Center witnesses, Saeed was inside the building, possibly an employee, and was "acting strangely" before the shooting began. Law enforcement officials added that there is no proof at this time that the San Bernardino mass shooting is linked to an ISIS terrorism attack.

The press conference barely lasted five minutes, but officials did confirm that the death toll has risen to 14. Additional press conferences will reportedly be held every hour.

Identified suspect works at the center. Was acting strange immediately before shooting Farooq Saeed

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San Bernardino Shooting Update - The police are currently looking for three unidentified males adorned in "military clothing" and wearing body armor who may have fled the Inland Regional Center in an SUV after the mass shooting. A robot is being used to investigate and then detonate, a suspicious device found inside building two. There are three buildings at the complex, buildings one and three have been cleared. The mass shooting began around 11 a.m. local time - about one hour ago. All three men remain at large and are believed to have been wearing masks and carrying semi-automatic rifles.

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Mass Shooting in San Bernardino

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