DJ Earworm Blends 50 Hit Songs From 2015 In 5-Minute Mashup Mix

DJ Earworm is back with another musical mashup to help end the year with a bang — and it’s impressive!

The San Francisco-based DJ and popular mashup artist may have outdone himself with this particular mix. Most of his fans and critics are familiar with DJ Earworm’s “United State of Pop” series. In previous years, each installment of the musical series consisted of 25 top songs blended into one.

This year, it is clear that the man born Jordan Roseman wanted to go above and beyond that bar of expectation — doubling his efforts from the past. Instead of 25 top songs, DJ Earworm found a creative and clever way to blend 50 hit songs into a 5-minute mix. The overall concept of blending that many songs into such a relatively short mix may seem excessive, cluttered, and slightly chaotic.

Fortunately, the exact opposite is apparently the case.

Hollywood Life released the complete list of the 50 songs chosen for the mix, and it is not surprising that some of the year’s biggest artists made it into the mix numerous times.

  • Ed Sheeran – “Photograph” & “Thinking Out Loud”
  • Fetty Wap – “Trap Queen” & “679”
  • Justin Bieber – “Where Are Ü Now,” “Sorry” & “What Do You Mean”
  • Meghan Trainor – “Lips Are Movin’ ” & “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”
  • Rihanna – “B***h Better Have My Money” & “FourFiveSeconds”
  • Taylor Swift – “Blank Space,” “Style,” “Bad Blood” & “Wildest Dreams”
  • The Weeknd – “Earned It,” “The Hills” & “Can’t Feel My Face”

The rest of the list includes such chart-topping artists as Adele, Ariana Grande, Big Sean, Drake, Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars, Omarion, Pitbull, and Sam Smith. Twitter started buzzing shortly after DJ Earworm’s mix first started circulating online Wednesday. Based on the overall reaction, the DJ’s track record of hit mashups will more than likely remain intact for at least another year.

i love the dj earworm year-end mashups and i won’t apologize for it — Heather Schmelzlen (@anchorlines) December 2, 2015

In a February, 2011, interview with Digital DJ Tips, DJ Earworm opened up about his longtime love of music — a love that apparently starting growing inside of him as a child.

“As a kid I was bouncing around, playing piano and stuff. My mother played piano, my dad plays like 20 different instruments, there was always jazz, folk, music of all sorts going on in the house… I majored in music at college, studied computer science and music theory. I’ve been involved in classical music, in just playing songs at the piano, you know, then I spent some years involved in original electronic music production, songwriting, bands and so on.”

DJ Earworm also opened up about how he got his stage name in the first place. Jordan claims that “earworm” represented “something catchy that gets into your head and it was available.”

Unlike many other DJs that have become household names in the music industry, DJ Earworm did not necessarily start out as a DJ. He focused on blending songs together in mashup mixes, but added “DJ” to his stage name to distinguish himself from just being someone that steals other people’s music.

According to the interview, the popularity of his YouTube videos being shared on Facebook helped to turn DJ Earworm into a viral superstar. Jordan claims that his popularity skyrocketed with the 2009 segment of the “United State of Pop” series — building a massive audience of followers and fans for the master of mashups almost immediately.

[Photos by Michael Buckner & Jason Merritt/Getty Images]