Tamra Judge And Vicki Gunvalson Have Exchanged A Few Text Messages Since ‘RHOC’ Reunion, Tamra May Forgive

Will viewers see Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson back to being good friends on Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Despite what happened between them on Season 10, Tamra isn’t ruling that possibility out. As the Daily Dish reported on Monday, Tamra recently gave her response to Vicki’s recent Watch What Happens Live special, in which she talked about the Brooks Ayers cancer drama and apologized to her co-stars.


Tamra watched Vicki’s special last Monday, but admits that there are still unanswered questions. Tamra believes that people won’t ever know the complete truth about what happened.

“While I do believe Vicki had some major inconsistencies in her stories that dated back to even before filming, I don’t think we will ever know what the truth is.”

As for Vicki’s apology, Tamra pointed out that Vicki has yet to personally apologize to her, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, and Meghan King Edmonds.

“I think it would be nice and sincere if Vicki could actually pick up the phone and call me and apologize. She continues to publicly apologize to all of us ladies, but doesn’t care enough to call us.”

While Vicki has yet to personally apologize to Tamra, she has communicated with her. Tamra said that while she hasn’t seen or talked to Vicki on the phone since filming the Season 10 reunion show, they have exchanged a few text messages. Tamra didn’t rule out a reconciliation with Vicki.

“Will I forgive her? I have a big heart and I know people make mistakes. I guess time will tell. Moving forward hasn’t started yet because I haven’t seen her or talked to her since the reunion. We have had a few text messages.”

A week prior to Vicki’s special airing, Tamra tweeted Vicki. In response to Vicki tweeting that her daughter and her family are moving back to Orange County because their offer on a house just got accepted, Tamra expressed surprise and asked Vicki when that happened. Vicki did not publicly respond to Tamra’s question.


Last Monday, after watching Vicki Gunvalson’s Watch What Happens Live special, Tamra Judge didn’t give her immediate reaction but said that she was going to sleep on it.


Meghan King Edmonds and Shannon Beador weren’t so quiet. As the Inquisitr reported, Meghan immediately tweeted that Vicki was lying again. Shannon was even more furious about what she saw. She posted a 10-minute video to her Facebook page in which she pointed out all of the inconsistencies and supposed lies in Vicki’s story. Shannon, at some points yelling, maintained that Vicki purposely lied about Brooks having cancer and decided to do it before filming for the season began in order to get people to finally like him. Shannon even called Vicki’s special “a bunch of bulls**t.” Like Tamra, Shannon also pointed out that while Vicki keeps saying that she’s sorry, she has yet to personally apologize to her.


Heather Dubrow also wants Vicki to really apologize. Heather told Us Weekly on Tuesday that once Vicki apologizes “in a real way,” then everyone can move on.

During Vicki Gunvalson’s Watch What Happens Live special with Andy Cohen, Vicki maintained that she didn’t lie about her ex Brooks Ayers having cancer on purpose. She said that she’s only guilty of believing the man she was in love with. Vicki, who at this point believes that Brooks doesn’t have cancer and duped her, said that when she began questioning Brooks, he shut her out. As for Brooks’ physical symptoms, Vicki speculated that he ingested eye drops to make himself so sick. She also apologized to her The Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, and Meghan King Edmonds, for lashing out at them during the season but added that they have to understand what she was going through.

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