Christina Milian To Release ‘4U’ As ‘Snowglobe’ And Lil Wayne Revisited

Christina Milian is fired up about her relationship with Lil Wayne, but it can be difficult for fans to believe that she has time to worry about him considering her overabundance of creative projects.

Adding to this, Christina Milian’s 2007 movie, Snowglobe, is starting to air on television for the holiday season. This is in addition to her two current television shows (Grandfathered and Turned Up) and the release of her album 4U on December 4.

However, after her recent drama with Lil Wayne, Christina Milian may be wishing her starring role in Snowglobe was the life she was actually living this December.

According to Persephone, Christina Milian’s character in Snowglobe is Angela, a “sad 25-year-old spinster single lady” with a “loud, over-involved family who just want to see her happy (read: married).”

The plot of Snowglobe includes Christina Milian being magically delivered a snow globe that traps her inside of it — but allows her to find the man of her dreams (not to be confused with her first husband, “The Dream”).

Of course, for fans following Christina Milian in her reality series Turned Up, the plot of Snowglobe may sound a lot like a current episode.

E! Online highlights the December 1 episode of Christina Milian’s Turned Up, and it appears that Christina may feel a bit jealous of her well-suited sisters. During the episode, Christina Milian confesses that Lil Wayne lied to her and then wonders aloud to her father if she will ever find everlasting love in her own life.

Christina Milian needs her family despite feeling jealous of her sister's relationships.
Christina Milian may come across as jealous of her sisters, but relies on her family heavily for support. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Gran Centenario Tequila)

Noted for being supportive, Christina Milian’s dad told his tearful daughter that when it comes to Lil Wayne, he does not want her to “give up on something easy.” Regardless, he also does not want her to “be a fool” when it comes to her feeling “confused” about her Lil Wayne breakup.

When Christina Milian told her dad that he had “two girls taken and one… achin’ [without Lil Wayne in her life],” her dad reconfirmed that Christina should “be true to your heart.”

Nevertheless, Christina Milian’s life is intertwined with Lil Wayne’s, and it could be painful for her to see them being sexy together in their newly released video, “Do It.”

After all, it was not so long ago that Christina Milian was quoted by BET stating the following about Lil Wayne.

“I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love Wayne, not even my ex-husband. I’ve never had anyone understand me the way that he has.”

Sadly, it seems that Christina Milian has had a long history of anxiety — and the situation with Lil Wayne seems to be the last thing she needs. For example, the Daily Mail says Christina Milian has suffered from anxiety before and told a print-only edition of New You the following.

“I used to be afraid of everything. Running out of money, not being good at something, being nervous.”

While Christina Milian might be anxiously wanting to recreate the plot to Snowglobe this Christmas in her real life, she is marching on with or without Lil Wayne in a wave of success.

Christina Milian can't focus on Lil Wayne when her career is taking off.
Christina Milian may not have time for Lil Wayne breakup drama due to a career upsurge. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for H&M)

Along with releasing “Like Me” with Snoop Dogg, her album 4U will be released on December 4. About the album, Christina Milian says the following in a Vibe interview.

“It’s about womanhood and the relationship I was in this past year [with Lil Wayne]. Technically, the guy I was dating, this project was for him. But at the end of the day, I put a pretty little package together for my fans and made it all about them.”

Christina Milian’s 4U can be purchased online at iTunes on Friday, December 4.

[Picture by Mark Davis/Getty Images]