Billy Brown Of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Takes The Family Gold Mining

Billy Brown of Alaskan Bush People has decided to take his family out to go gold mining, and it looks like they are having a great time. Radar Online shared a preview of what will happen tonight on the new episode of Alaskan Bush People with Billy Brown and his family. Bear will ask Billy Brown all about the first time he ever found gold, and the two will start to talk. It is a great bonding experience and a lot of fun for the Brown family. The fact that they got a chance to talk and bond is always a good thing.


Bear asks him about the very first time he saw gold taken out of the ground. Of course, that was an amazing experience for Billy Brown, and he talks about it. Billy explained he had played around a lot before this happened.

“I was with two real miners. I’m talking crusty old miners. The one who had taken me up here, heard that I was trustworthy, wouldn’t tell anyone where the mine was, and they needed work.”

Billy went on to explain that the man planned to work Brown really hard, so he took him and fed him first. Billy started talking to the guy and asking him all about the difference in real gold and fool’s gold. Billy said they found real gold, which showed him what real gold looks like. Billy Brown said the miner put thumb-sized nuggets of gold in his hands until there were so many that they fell onto the table. It sounds like this is when Billy fell in love with the idea of finding gold, and from that point on, he has loved doing it.


Billy Brown explained that this was when he got gold fever and wanted to get more of it. Billy then goes on to talk about a friend of his who is a miner and lives out in the bush by himself. Billy shared that there are people there who chase fish, wood, and gold, but they are also enjoying the freedom they get, and living free in the Alaska bush is a big deal to them.

TV Ruckus shared that you will not want to miss this episode of Alaskan Bush People this week, and it is airing one hour earlier. This week will also be about Billy Brown’s birthday, which should make for a fun episode. It will be a chance to get to know more about the Brown family and their past. Here is what Discovery shared about the episode.

“In honor of Billy’s birthday, the family sets up a series of surprises and celebrations. A visit from old childhood friends inspires Billy, Ami and the rest of the wolf pack to reflect back on a lifetime of stories and adventures in the wild.”

Don’t miss new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on Wednesday nights on Discovery. The new episodes with Billy Brown and his family that are all about gold will air tonight. This is going to be an episode about the Brown family that you do not want to miss. After this episode of Alaskan Bush People, Discovery will air a special documentary called Racing Extinction, which is the reason for an earlier episode tonight.

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