‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth And Jason Struggle, Sam And Patrick Fight, And Morgan Faces Big Changes

General Hospital spoilers tease that big things are coming this week, and Wednesday’s episode is not to be missed. As viewers have seen this week, Sam is very close to figuring out that Elizabeth knew Jason’s identity months ago while Hayden is on the verge of learning the truth about her shooting. What can viewers expect from the December 2 episode?

According to She Knows Soaps, Sam and Patrick will be having a very difficult conversation during this show. While Jason and Patrick talked about going ahead with the divorce between Sam and Jason, and Sam pledged her love and commitment to Patrick, she isn’t really ready to let go. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during this difficult conversation, Sam will admit to Patrick that she isn’t ready to go ahead with the divorce.

While Sam may be holding out hope for a reunion with Jason, General Hospital spoilers detail that he will be reaffirming his love for Elizabeth during Wednesday’s show. This comes after she offered to end their engagement, giving him space to figure out what he wants. Viewers know that ultimately Liz has been desperate to hold onto Jason no matter the cost, so this offer is a big gamble on her part. From the sounds of things, she gets what she wants, as Jason decides to stay put for now.

Viewers will see more with Morgan and his mental health battle in this episode as well. He has been hospitalized to try to get things under control, but General Hospital spoilers share that it is now time for him to be released. Carly and Sonny will get some insight from Dr. Maddox about what comes next, and Sonny has some insight to share with Morgan, However, Morgan may not be very receptive.

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Dillon is preparing to head back to Los Angeles, though General Hospital spoilers tease that he may end up changing his mind. Maxie doesn’t seem to want him to go, and she will make an offer of some sort to him that may convince him to stick around.

Tracy and Hayden have been angling to take over control of ELQ, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is more on this storyline coming on Wednesday. Tracy will think through how Jason’s return to Port Charles might impact the control of the company. She may be angling to use his return to benefit her, but Jason may not have the time or interest in getting involved with this mess.

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General Hospital spoilers share that there will be more regarding Nina’s plan to save Crimson on Wednesday’s show, and Laura will be considering the ramifications of Hayden learning the truth about her shooting. In addition, Hayden will open up to Nikolas about her feelings for him. Just how much will that change when she learns the truth about the shooting?

There are difficult decisions yet to be made this week, and General Hospital spoilers tease that additional confrontations are coming. Elizabeth continues to scramble to keep her secret, but Sam is going to confront her and at least try to lead Liz to believe she has it all figured out. Will Jason be swayed to choose Sam over Liz when everything is revealed? Will this lead Patrick to leave Port Charles soon as many suspect?

There is plenty more drama on the way as the week continues, and viewers can’t wait to see what comes next. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.


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