‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Shocking Details About Second Half Of Season Revealed

The Walking Dead won’t return until February of 2016, but spoilers for the second half of Season 6 are already making their rounds on the internet. Perhaps one of the biggest spoilers from the upcoming episodes involves fan favorite character Daryl Dixon, and will leave fans shocked.

According to The Spoiling Dead Facebook fan page, Episode 15, which is the last before the season finale, will be a big one for Daryl fans. Daryl will be out in the woods searching for Dwight, the man who held him prisoner in an early episode. Daryl is angry and will run in to Rosita, Michonne, and Glenn. Daryl will try to get them to leave, but Michonne tells him that he shouldn’t have left. Daryl will remind her of the time when Dwight held him hostage. Daryl will seemingly regret the decision to later help Dwight by returning his bag to him and letting him live.

Glenn will ask Daryl if he thinks “it,” although we do not know what “it” means yet on The Walking Dead, was his fault. Daryl will agree and say “I’m gonna do what I should have done. For her.” We also do not know who “her” is, but it looks like one of the female characters is going to die. Glenn will then tell Daryl that “she’s gone” and that Daryl only wants revenge. Glenn and Michonne continue to try to get Daryl to see the error of his way and convince him to come home.

The Walking Dead: Will Glenn be killed by Negan in Season 6? [Image via AMC]Later in that episode of The Walking Dead, Glenn and Michonne are somehow captured by The Saviors, who are Negan’s group, and are tied up and gagged. Daryl and Rosita are not captured, but is sneaking up on the group to seemingly try and save his friends. Glenn and Michonne see that Dwight and another Savior are sneaking up behind Daryl and Rosita and try to warn him. The two have guns pointed at them, and when Daryl turns around, Dwight pulls the trigger. Fans hear a bang and blood sprays everywhere. This is reportedly the end of Episode 15.

Will Daryl Dixon actually die during Season 6 of The Walking Dead? The report suggests that because Daryl filmed for Episode 16, which is the season finale, that he likely survives the ordeal. However, we’re not so sure about Rosita.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Will Dwight kill Daryl? [Image via AMC]In addition to Daryl’s shocking moment, another piece of bad news from the Episode 15 Walking Dead spoilers is the fact that The Saviors have Glenn and Michonne tied up. Will this lead in to the season finale, where Negan is finally officially introduced and kills someone with his weapon of choice, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire? In the comic series, Negan kills Glenn by brutally bashing his head in with the bat, whom he’s named Lucille. Will Glenn actually meet his maker this time, or will Daryl or possibly Michonne be the one to get the bat? There are so many unanswered questions, but one thing is for sure: the second half of Season 6 is going to be crazy.

While many fans weren’t impressed with the first half of The Walking Dead Season 6, creator Robert Kirkman says the mid-season premiere on February 14 will be huge. Spoilers suggest that many lives will be lost including Jessie and her two sons, and that Carl will possibly lose his eye after finally having it out with Ron. That episode paired with the fact that Negan is coming is sure to make early 2016 something to remember for Walking Dead fans.

What are your thoughts on the shocking Walking Dead spoilers for the second half of Season 6?

[Image via AMC]