‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ New Season Starts

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back for a new season, and it won’t start with a homecoming and sweetness, they are jumping right in. Events are already swirling, and Yolanda is trying to get back into the swing of things. At first blush, it seems that Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are once again allied of the Real Housewives.

The Inquisitr reported that fans will realize that a serious Real Housewives storm is brewing in the name of Kim Richards and her various arrests. When the family thought Kim Richards was in rehab, she left several times, and found herself in trouble. After her second arrest at a Van Nuys Target, the former Real Housewives star found herself off the show and in front of a judge yet again. Reports say that Richards is now doing well, and hopefully she is doing her court appointed therapy.


Vulture.com is suggesting that Eileen Davidson will play a bigger role this season, and will no longer be the boring girl in the background.

“Just look at Eileen Davidson, who was a new girl last season. I said a whole collection of awful things about how boring she is. I was so wrong about her. This season she is … I don’t know. She’s working on her soap opera, like always, and mourning the loss of her father-in-law, Hollywood Squares fixture Dick Van Patten. Okay, fine. That’s not too exciting. She wants to redecorate her house because we all made so much fun of it and said that it looked like a saloon in Frontierland where you can buy $13 root-beer floats. Who said that cyberbullying never leads to anything positive? Hashtag Blessed.”

And there is definitely a more sympathetic feeling for Kyle Richards, who has really juggled a lot with the sister we’ve seen too much of, and the one we don’t see, but definitely calls the shots.

“I am so mad at Kyle Richards because she makes me feel bad for her, thanks to everything she’s going through with her sister Kim. It’s no secret that I used to love Kim — and I still do somewhere deep down — and Kyle has been a really good sister to her. Sure, she’s an attention-sucking soul demon who only cares about herself, but she does seem genuinely broken up about how their relationship has unraveled.”


Entertainment Weekly also recapped the new season, admitting that the ladies are jumping right into the new season of Real Housewives. The focus on how Yolanda is working her best through Lyme Disease to keep up appearances and slap on some make-up is disconcerting.

“Yolanda is dressed in all white, which appears to be her new look, but everyone is aghast that she’s not wearing makeup. You’d think she looked like Charlize Theron in Monster. ‘I don’t care what anybody said — she didn’t look good,’ Ken says. ‘She looked terrible,’ Ken also says. Ken would not stop talking about how bad she looked. It was like the woman had horns. I mean, Ken, you have a man perm.”


But hey, nobody threw anything but a baseball, nobody was covered in wine and nobody stormed out of a gathering. But again, somewhere in Real Housewives land, Kim and Brandi are brewing.

Do you think this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will stand out, or be just more of the same?

[Image via Bravo]