Ben Affleck Moving On From Jennifer Garner With His ‘Pearl Harbor’ Co-Star Kate Beckinsale?

Despite reports that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are trying to save their marriage, Affleck may already be moving on. According to MSN, the actor has been in contact with former Pearl Harbor co-star Kate Beckinsale, and the two may be set to reignite an old flame.

Affleck and Beckinsale are known to be good friends, a friendship that began when the two appeared together in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor. Incidentally, Garner also starred in the movie, which eventually led to her and Affleck meeting and later marrying.

At the time, it was rumored that Affleck and Beckinsale were involved in a very short relationship following their time together on-set, but these reports were never confirmed. Now, it seems as though the two are comforting each other after ending long relationships.

Kate Beckinsale [Photo By Chris Weeks/Getty Images]
Kate Beckinsale [Photo By Chris Weeks/Getty Images]

For her part, Beckinsale was married to Len Wiseman for some 11 years before the two decided to call it quits just a few months ago. That being said, Wiseman and Beckinsale have yet to officially sign their divorce papers. This has led some to believe that Beckinsale is holding out in the hope of saving their marriage.

However, according to KIIS, Affleck and Beckinsale’s close friendship has led them to turn to each other in light of their recent breakups.

“Kate used to be madly in love with Ben. He would make her giddy with excitement any time they were in the same room,” an inside source revealed. “She’s turned to him for support as a friend because they’ve stayed in touch during her difficult time.”

At this point, it is unclear whether Ben Affleck and Beckinsale are still only friends, or if the two are ready to take their friendship to a new level. If the two did have a past fling together after Pearl Harbor, then it is entirely possible they might be getting back together.

Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale in 'Pearl Harbor.' [Image via Touchstone Pictures]
Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale in 'Pearl Harbor.' [Image via Touchstone Pictures]

Meanwhile, Garner was recently spotted spending a little time with Affleck’s mother, Christine Boldt. Although the exact nature of their visit is unknown, the Daily Mail has released photos of the outing, which show Garner out and about with her mother-in-law in Los Angeles over the weekend.

In the photos, Garner is shown smiling a lot with her 6-year-old daughter, Seraphina, in tow. Clearly, Garner was having a great time with Affleck’s mom, who also appeared to enjoy her time with her daughter-in-law.

Garner wore a simple gray dress for the outing with few accessories and seemed very comfortable during the afternoon stroll. Boldt was dressed in a patterned blue shirt with black pants, while Seraphina wore a long sleeved shirt with gray tights complete with a book in hand.

The images follow what appeared to be a rather rough Thanksgiving holiday for Affleck, who was spotted during the holiday at a gas station buying cigarettes. Affleck wore a pair of sweats during his outing and did not look thrilled in any way. This is in stark contrast to Garner, who appeared more than happy in her latest photos with Affleck’s mom.

Affleck and Garner still don’t know exactly how they are going to spend the holidays given their recent split.

“Jen and Ben are figuring out right now how they can best spend the holidays together,” an insider explained to People. “[Garner] wants to get along with Ben for the kids’ sake.”

Perhaps this reasoning was why Garner was spending time with Affleck’s mother over the weekend. Either way, it is clear that Garner and Affleck are still considering the well-being of their children in everything they do. Whether or not this plays a part in what Affleck is doing with Beckinsale is yet to be seen.

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[Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]