Sam Pepper’s YouTube Video Of ISIS Prank: ‘Killing Best Friend’ Gets 4 Million Views As Anonymous Demands Video Deletion [Video]

Sam Pepper, a very popular YouTube star, is under fire for a new video uploaded to his very popular YouTube channel. With more than 2.3 million YouTube subscribers and more than 180 million views on Sam’s YouTube channel, Pepper has gained lots of eyeballs since joining YouTube on September 8, 2010. The video titled “KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK | Ft. Sam & Colby | Sam Pepper” has grown to more than 4 million views, and is courting plenty of controversy. Uploaded to YouTube on November 29, the video is enough to make viewers want to cry as they watch the abject terror that Sam Golbach goes through when he believes his best friend of 5 years, Colby Brock, is being murdered right in front of his panicked eyes.

Sam, of the Sam and Colby YouTube channel, is popular in his own right with his best friend, Colby. The duo enjoy 133,952 subscribers, as of this writing — with 3,785,674 views on their videos. Not bad for “just two lost kids trying to find their way in the world” that joined YouTube on October 28, 2014. Sam screamed when he thought his best friend Colby was being killed by a guy who kidnapped them, all ISIS-like, and put a black sack over their heads and taped Colby up with plenty of tape.

“He’s everything I have!”

[Image via YouTube/Sam Pepper] [Image via YouTube/Sam Pepper]

Now, Pepper has kind of gone silent after backlash over the prank murder has grown online.

“I thought you actually died. Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

A new video titled “KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK | Our Explanation | Sam and Colby | Sam Pepper” shows Sam and Colby talking about the after effects of the Pepper prank video, trying to put a positive spin on the murder prank video by Sam. They say Pepper’s video helped them realize how close they were as best friends, and that they had a couple of weeks to talk about the “Killing Best Friend” video prior to uploading it to YouTube.

Sam and Colby also explained that they didn’t intend for the video to cause so much backlash.

“We didn’t intend for this to cause so much of a debate, here are our thoughts on the prank video.”

Not only has the “Petition to YouTube to deactivate Sam Pepper’s channel” gathered more than 150,000 signatures on, Pepper has come under fire for actions beyond his YouTube-staged prank murder. As reported by the Washington Post, Sam was previously accused of rape. BuzzFeed News reports that an 18-year-old woman filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department, stating that Pepper sexually assaulted her in 2013. Previous YouTube videos, wherein Sam appeared to grope women, was claimed to be staged by Sam, and Pepper’s video was taken down from YouTube.


Now, the hacktivist group Anonymous has told Pepper to take down his “killing best friend” video, reports the Independent‎ — with Anonymous imposing a deadline on Sam to get the video off YouTube, or else suffer the wrath of Anonymous. To read through the messages like those below from the @TheAnonMessages YouTube account is to show what Anonymous is doing to Pepper, like taking down his website — and worse.

As reported by Metro, the “Killing Best Friend” prank by Pepper has taken prank videos too far, even though Sam’s isn’t the only prank murder video on YouTube. What’s scary to think about is if the “Killing Best Friend” YouTube video had gone horribly wrong, and if Sam had — instead of crying hysterically — gotten hold of a weapon and killed someone, thinking it was self defense. Or if the “Killing Best Friend” prank had caused a heart attack or some other kind of suicidal death or harm, it wouldn’t have been all laughs and giggles — and YouTube advertising and revenue-building views.

[Image via YouTube/Sam Pepper/”Killing Best Friend”]