GoPro Hero 5 Has 8K Display, May Release Soon

The GoPro Hero 5 may be enough to save the reeling company, whose stock price has plummeted nearly 70 percent recently. According to the Motley Fool, this is due to concerns about slow growth, something traders love to analyze when considering buying stock in a company.

GoPro is trading at just above $20, a large decrease from the $85 mark it hit in October of last year. For a while, GoPro was one of the most desired stocks to own, but it’s been on a bad slide since August of this year.

Thanks to the GoPro Hero 5, many analysts are considering the stock to be poised for a comeback.


One of the main issues with the company was its poor marketing of the GoPro Hero 4, which also had a bad price that alienated potential customers. Due to this failure, the company entered into the holiday season on a bad foot, missing out on the biggest consumer opportunity of the year.

But, there is hope. After reporting disappointing third-quarter earnings, they released a beautiful video taken from their prototype drone. There hasn’t been any news of a release date for the drone, or even any technical specs or views of the new product.

Their biggest rival would be DJI Innovations, the largest drone maker in the world. Even though they launched their first drone just two years ago, they’re looking to capture nearly $1 billion in sales this year. Their earlier drones were compatible with GoPro cameras, but not anymore.


Analysts do expect GoPro to make $2 billion in revenue next year, so if they can generate a fraction of that with drone sales, they’ll be in good shape regarding their competition with DJI Innovations.

Now, on to the GoPro Hero 5. Venture Capitalist Post reports that there have already been speculations of an 8K resolution, and a 60-meter waterproof capability for GoPro’s newest addition to the Hero line. Another popular speculation is that the new GoPro camera will be able to capture 3D images with a dual-lens setup.

The new Hero 5 camera has been delayed by the company, but GoPro has asked for patience from fans while they make improvements to their newest product.

The new camera will be 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the previous Hero 4 model, and its 60-meter diving capability is much better than the 20-meter limit on the previous camera as well.

The thought of being able to take 3D pictures is exciting. Consumers would expectedly be able to view them through a VR headset. But the fact that the new camera will be able to shoot 8K video might be a problem instead of a solution.

It takes a lot of processing power to be able to edit these videos on a typical PC because of the high quality. Even trying to stream these high-quality videos from YouTube on a computer puts a lot of stress on the PC.


There may be a few doubters, but GoPro may be ahead of the game here. Who knows how quickly the PCs of today can catch up to being able to process the stunning 8K video of the next GoPro Hero 5?

The fact that GoPro is looking to diversify away from cameras with drones is a fresh take and might add another sales avenue to the company, forcing stock analysts to reevaluate the growth potential. If GoPro is making money from something other than a camera, then their future looks a bit brighter than their stock price leads on.

The new drone and camera could be a savior to the company, but, unfortunately, it’s not clear whether the new camera will be out by the end of the year. Either way, the GoPro Hero 5 is something consumers are looking forward to.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]