U2 Reschedules Concert Dates In Paris After Terror Attacks, ‘Nothing Will Stop Us’ Says Bono

U2 will be heading to Paris for two performances in early December, despite the recent terror attacks in that city.

U2 postponed their tour dates in Paris after the November 13 terror attacks on the city but are now scheduled to return to the French capital for two performances on December 6 and 7. According to Bono, they will be appearing in Paris at the AccorHotels Arena.

As reported in the Inquisitr, after a series of coordinated terror attacks across Paris on November 13 that claimed the lives of 130 people, including an attack on the Bataclan concert hall where the band Eagles of Death Metal were playing, the band Foo Fighters canceled their Paris tour and Irish band U2 postponed their two appearances in the city.

At the time, U2 lead singer Bono called the incident a “direct hit on music.” Bono pointed out at the time that if you think about it, most of the victims were music fans.

“This is the first direct hit on music that we’ve had in this so-called War on Terror. And it’s very upsetting.”

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, at the time of the attacks U2 postponed its November 14 and 15 performances, promising to reschedule to “honor the commitment to their audience.” The performance on November 14 was set to be filmed for an HBO special.

Back then, Bono recalled traveling to New York a month after the 9/11 terror attacks. He said the band played Madison Square Garden and that it was just unbelievable.

He said the energy in New York that night gave the feeling, “This is who we are. You can’t change us. You’re not going to turn us into haters,” adding he hopes the same feeling is experienced in Bercy when they get back to Paris for their two performances.

Bono more recently told the Associated Press that the Paris terror attacks “took a lot of lives we’re not going to get back, but they’re not going to change the character of the city of Paris.”

The Irish band now says they are going ahead with the French portion of their iNNOCENCE +eXPERIENCE tour and will be appearing in Paris on December 6 and 7. Reportedly the second date is set to be filmed for HBO’s iNNOCENCE +eXPERIENCE LIVE IN PARIS special.

Bono went on to say that their fans can expect “joy as an act of defiance” in their upcoming shows, adding “That’s what U2 does.” He said that is what the French people want from them and “that’s it.”

The U2 band leader then went on to liken the Paris audience to his family and explained why they’re not giving up on performing in the French capital.

“These are our people and they’re very familiar faces, the people in the audience, they’re our people.”

“But we’re going back, you bet. Nothing will stop us from going back.”

As reported in The Irish News, Bono also went on to praise the US rock band Eagles of Death Metal, who were performing in the Bataclan concert hall at the time of the attacks, with many people taken hostage and killed by the terrorists.

He said the band members were very moved by the fact that their “fellow troubadours” had such a hard time.

“They’re an extraordinary talented band, they’ve been through the most ugly nightmare and they have been very graceful about it.”

The Inquisitr reported back in September this year U2 had to evacuate a concert in Stockholm, Sweden after a gunman posed a security threat. While initial media reports said the gunman had been arrested, this turned out not to be true, and to ensure the security of their audience, U2 put off that show to a later date.

[Photo U2 near Bataclan concert hall in Paris November 14 by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News]