Harry Styles Wants Passionate Love, One Direction Tear Up Jingle Ball

One Direction members Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne were preparing to hit the red carpet in Dallas for the annual Jingle Ball today when Harry sent an extraordinary tweet.

“I have this some of the time” wrote the curly-haired One Direction star, adding no further context, images or links.

Luckily Harry’s followers were quick to recognize it as a line from Hozier song “Cherry Wine” – a song about having a lover with an angry streak and bad temper.

“I have this some of the time” sings the Hozier frontman, who has to walk on eggshells around his woman, lest she unleash her rage upon him (read the full lyrics here). The songwriter would love to have this passionate affair full-time. He croons that he can only have his woman in small doses but it is “worth it”.

Her eyes and words are so icy
Oh but she burns
Like rum on a fire
Hot and fast and angry
As she can be
I walk my days on a wire

Could Harry have been thinking of eerily-beautiful lover Georgia Fowler, who has the piercing eyes and dishevelled locks of a 90s heroin-chic poster girl, and who was jetting into Los Angeles LAX airport just as the One Direction guys were flying to Dallas?

Harry previously whisked Georgia off for a Scrabble-filled sojourn to a peaceful villa, as reported by Sugarscape.

It goes without saying that a stream of “Larry”commenters declared that Harry must be referring to “Louis’ a**” after the curly-haired bed-hopper posted his tweet. A slew of confused Twitter-users also hit the comments to ask what the hell the One Direction hunk was talking about.

Harry’s mother, Anne Twist, has just retweeted an article urging fans to consider the mental state of the 1d superhunks. Celebmix reports that it is a miracle that the superstars hit social media at all anymore, given the waves of nosiness and speculation they unleash with every tweet and Instagram photo.

Harry Styles had no time to respond. The hotties were off to Dallas to perform at the Jingle Ball.

Harry chose a relatively sober outfit for the event — a departure from the loud suits, back flesh-flashing shirts, and seventies flared trousers he has favored of late, as reported by MTV. A crucifix hung from a silver chain, laying flat against the hearthrob’s toned chest, where it was was framed by two polka-dot lapels that fanned out like wings.

Incidentally, Harry’s mother also retweeted the Harry Styles MTV fashion article in the last few days. Are the women in Harry’s life urging him to pursue his fashion interest and retire from his life as a boy-band superhunk? Could Harry leave the constant touring, relentless press scrutiny, volatile fan-base, and brushes with serious injury behind?

Liam Payne opted for a horizontally-striped maroon-and-white top with a “sailor” vibe to it, paired with black trousers. All of 1d were in a black-trousers mood – the hotties rarely adhere to the boy band convention of coordinated outfits, but in this case a touch of black worked to pull their disparate looks together. Niall Horan wore a blue shirt decorated with snowflake-like patterns of white and a pair of blue-framed spectacles. Louis Tomlinson was the most casually-dressed of the group, wearing a white t-shirt with an image of digitally-altered pink pine forest on it, as well as a four-letter-word that most fans could not make out. If you can make out the potentially-naughty four-letter word-bomb on Louis’ t-shirt, please tell us what it is in the comments.

The One Direction performance at the Jingle Ball was evidently the sole reason that many people turned up. One observer reported that the venue cleared out soon after the performance was over.

It is not clear what the One Direction guys have on their agenda next, but if they go back to LA, Harry may have some sexy company in the form of lithe, wild-eyed Georgia, whose other-worldly, unkempt look and “up-yours” attitude to life may be just what an easily-bored bed-hopper like Harry needs.


Remember that Harry – who has previously been linked to Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, One Direction stylist Lou Teasdale, and scandalously-older woman Caroline Flack – reportedly broke up with Kendall Jenner because she was “boring” and not a match for his British wit. Harry has told reporters he “has yet to meet” any woman he would consider settling down with. Those close to the deep-thinking hunk say his sharp mind is “one of the best things about him.”

This all seems in keeping with the laddish crooner’s latest tweet, which indicates that he agrees with the sentiments in the Hozier song and wishes he could have fiery passion not just “some of the time” but all of the time.

Those close to Harry probably also wish him to find a strong, sassy lover – both Anne Twist and Gemma Styles have demonstrated an uncompromising side and appear to encourage the mega-hunk to find a woman who challenges him.

Anne Twist sometimes posts sassy sentiments on Instagram. Harry Styles’ mother has the big, chompy teeth and extroverted smile of a woman who enjoys life.

The alluring 1d mom, who remarried a few years ago and who has captioned her Twitter profile with a statement about self-acceptance and a plug for her favorite charity (“I’m just me. Take me or leave me. I’ve climbed a mountain as I ‘believe in magic’.”), has not commented publicly on Harry’s love life in recent times.

Perhaps Georgia Fowler, who hails from the comparably progressive country of New Zealand, and who apparently appreciates language enough to indulge in a post-sex stint of Scrabble with the bath-robed Harry, will be a match for the tattooed crooner.

Will Harry Styles find the passion he is looking for? Did you enjoy One Direction at the Jingle Ball?

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP Images]