WWE News: Mick Foley Begs Vince McMahon To Leave WWE Talent Alone, Wants To Have A Sit-Down Meeting With WWE Chairman

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has been one of the most outspoken critics of WWE’s current product. It seems like every time he watches RAW, or any other WWE-related programming that’s current, he finds something that the company, in his opinion, is doing wrong.

Foley has finally reached his boiling point with WWE, as he said that, if the quality of the WWE product didn’t improve, he’d quit watching the shows on a weekly basis.

The ex-WWE Champion isn’t the only one who has reached his boiling point with WWE’s weekly programming, as RAW’s weekly television ratings continue to fall to record lows.

After Foley announced via Twitter that he was on the verge of not being a weekly WWE watcher, fellow WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin asked him to come on his podcast and express his discontent with the current product, and that podcast aired today. You can check it out over at Podcast One.

One of the many things that Foley touched on was the current “WWE Divas Revolution,” which has been failing for several months now. It’s no secret that Mick Foley is a huge supporter of women’s wrestling, but he’s not much of a fan of how WWE has been presenting the women since Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks were called up from NXT.

Sasha Banks WWE
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“I’m going to be honest here, and I hope this doesn’t put heat on these two women, but the thing that really bothered me was when Sasha [Banks] and Becky [Lynch] wrestled [in a singles match], and I thought, ‘okay, they’re putting them out there, and this is going to be a defining moment in women’s wrestling. They’re going to give them the same chance they had at NXT Takeover.’ Then four minutes later it was over, like it never existed at all.”

Foley also went on to criticize how Vince McMahon is constantly over-producing his talent, which he feels ruins some people on the roster. The “Hardcore Legend” brought up Sasha Banks as an example of this, saying that he feels that she’s being messed with by McMahon, and he had some pretty strong feelings about the WWE chairman possibly being out of touch with his audience.

“Sasha Banks is living the dream, she’s got a character that works, and I think she’s being messed with. If you have someone who’s there, who’s firing on all cylinders, and I’m saying this to Vince [McMahon], leave her alone! Let her do her thing. You’re 70 Vince. She’s 23. You don’t speak for everybody out there. Just because you don’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s not there to be gotten.”

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While Foley was ranting about McMahon needing to leave the WWE talent alone, Steve Austin didn’t hesitate to agree with him, saying that the WWE chairman just needs to let the guys and girls go out there and do their thing without everything being so micromanaged.

Over the last year, there have been several people who have come out and criticized Vince McMahon for being out of touch with his audience. The most famous one is CM Punk, who last Thanksgiving told several stories about McMahon that didn’t make the WWE chairman seem like the most “with it” guy when it comes to his own product.

Foley did have plenty of other things to say about McMahon and WWE’s creative process on this week’s family-friendly version of the Steve Austin Show. He also added that he would love to drive to WWE’s headquarters in Connecticut and meet face-to-face with the WWE chairman, and not only express his displeasure with their content, but offer ideas that he feels would help turn things around for the company.

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