‘Below Deck’ Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota Posts Inappropriate Texts She Says Eddie Lucas Recently Sent

Raquel “Rocky” Dakota dropped a big bombshell on part 2 of the Below Deck Season 3 reunion show, which aired on Tuesday night. She claimed that she and Eddie Lucas had sex two more times after filming for the season ended.

During the reunion, Eddie said that he did not have any more sexual interactions with Rocky after the charter season ended. Rocky immediately piped up with a question and claim that caused the rest of the cast to laugh hysterically.

“So that was the last time that we hooked up? What about two times after the show? What about the night after filming and he came to my hotel room, bomp bomp bomp, we’re not in the laundry room anymore. And then how about at pick up interview?”

Eddie smiled and denied Rocky’s claim. He said that she can say whatever she wants. Rocky asked why she would lie. Host Andy Cohen then pointed out that Eddie has a reason to lie since he’s back with his girlfriend. When Andy asked Eddie what her reaction will be when she sees this new accusation, Eddie threw his hands up in the air and said that he doesn’t know.

Andy then asked if the sex was great. “Well it didn’t happen once,” Rocky pointed out. Eddie said that it was “too quick to really tell.” “Not the two times after the show, that was pretty good,” Rocky responded. Eddie laughed, threw his hand up in the air and asked Rocky why she keeps saying that.

While Eddie continued to deny Rocky’s claim, Rocky explained that he and his girlfriend were broken up at the time and since filming had ended, they decided to take advantage of not having to have sex in the laundry room.


During the season, Eddie initially denied having sex with Rocky. He later confessed to everyone that he and Rocky did have sex twice on the yacht. As the reunion aired, Rocky maintained that she’s telling the truth about her and Eddie. She repeated her claim that she and Eddie had sex twice after filming for the season ended, once on the night of the wrap party and another time when she was in Florida doing a pick up interview.


Rocky also tweeted that she would not have had sex with Eddie again if she knew that he was going to talk bad about her in his interviews for the show.


Raquel “Rocky” Dakota then released text messages that she claims Eddie Lucas sent her recently. She tweeted that he led her on and didn’t tell her that he was back with his girlfriend until the end. “Miss dat a**,” he supposedly wrote to her after she asked him if he misses her. She texted back that she wants to see him. “How would you do that?” he asked. In the next text message, Rocky, presumably after Eddie confessed that he was back with his girlfriend, texted back that he probably shouldn’t be telling her he misses her body when he’s in a relationship. She then told him that he’s “still an **hole.” “Oh. Ok. Thanks,” he responded.


Texts that Rocky claims Eddie sent her [Image via Raquel Dakota on Twitter]Texts that Rocky claim Eddie sent her [Image via Raquel Dakota on Twitter]Some people accused Rocky of doctoring the text messages. Rocky has since deleted the photo of the text message conversation from her Twitter page. Eddie’s Twitter page has just been deleted as well.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rocky told BravoTV.com after the season finale aired that she and Eddie texted one another prior to the season airing.


Will Eddie Lucas dare to return for a Season 4 of Below Deck if Raquel “Rocky” Dakota returns as well?

[Image via Bravo TV]