WWE News: Kevin Owens Sent Home By Management

The latest WWE news is that the reason why Kevin Owens missed Monday Night Raw was because he had fell extremely sick and was sent home by management, according to Wrestling Inc.

One of the perks of being the Intercontinental Champion is that WWE usually finds a spot for you on the weekly television show. That’s why it raised a few eyebrows when Owens was not present on Monday Night Raw this week. Aside from raising eyebrows, the absence also raised the ire of fans in Pittsburgh who were hoping to watch the former ROH Heavyweight Champion live in person. The company did not give the live audience an explanation and did not post anything online about the matter.

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that the reason why Owens was forced to miss Monday Night Raw was because he grew very sick backstage. To make matters worse, his son had been traveling with him over the weekend, and he grew sick as well. Knowing that the situation was not a good one, WWE officials sent Owens back home to recover. The move was also done to ensure that none of the other superstars and divas picked up the virus as well. Owens was also forced to miss the Smackdown taping tonight.

Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

The problem with Owens not being available is the fact that he is currently working a program with Dean Ambrose. The two of them were thrown together after the Survivor Series so that they could each have something to transition into after losing out in the tournament to crown a new WWE Heavyweight Championship. The creative department did not bother putting a lot of effort into coming up with story line for the two because they felt that fans would simply be pleased with seeing two independent wrestling circuit darlings wrestling one another.

To fill out the TLC pay per view card, management scheduled an Intercontinental Championship match between Ambrose and Owens. While management is pleased with the work that Kevin has put in, there were talks that a title change could happen. By putting the IC belt on Ambrose, the front office would have a baby face champion to balance out Sheamus, the heel WWE Heavyweight Champion. By having polar titleholders, it provides management with a little more flexibility when booking and promoting live events.

League of Nations

Kevin Owens Replacement

If Owens cannot recover quickly enough, then WWE will have no choice but to find a replacement for Kevin. Ambrose is basically guaranteed a spot at TLC so a new opponent will be chosen. Based on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Ambrose is now a thorn in the side of the new League of Nations stable. The creative department can simply have Dean wrestling Rusev, Bad News Barrett or Alberto Del Rio. An alternative to that would be to have Ambrose teaming up with the Usos to face all three guys.

Though his commitment to fitness has been repeatedly question, Owen’s commitment to the business has not. Kevin is an old school type of performer that will more than gladly work hurt for the sake of entertaining the fans and delivering what was promised. The fact that he was willing to go home instead of toughing it out means that Owens is extremely sick. If you were forced to make a bet, then the wise move would be to throw your money on the fact that Kevin will tough it out and wrestle at TLC.

Will Kevin Owens recover in time to defend the Intercontinental Championship against Dean Ambrose at the TLC pay per view?

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