Madonna Wows London While ‘Rebel Heart’ Is Named One Of 2015’s Best Albums

Last February, when Madonna last performed at London’s O2 Arena for an awards show, she became a laughing stock as she was pulled off stage, even though people made it seem like she fell because she was clumsy. Her fall became a running Twitter meme, often filled with vitriol.

On Tuesday evening, Madonna got the absolute last laugh when she played a victorious show at the same arena. The British critics, who are usually pretty rough on Madge, are praising her performance just as much as — or even more than — the American critics did. The Sun says the Rebel Heart Tour is nothing short of a masterpiece.

“EXACTLY 278 days, 22 hours and 44 minutes after she dominated international headlines with her unfortunate fall at the Brits, MADONNA returned to London’s O2 Arena last night. And it was an absolute triumph – the world’s undisputed Queen of Pop reigns.”

Madonna Rebel Heart Madonna has a lot of dancers, but critics say she’s at her best when she’s all by herself. [Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]The Sun adds that at 57, Madonna is still the greatest pop star in the world. While the Independent didn’t think the show truly caught on fire until after a third of the way into it (something an Inquisitr review of Madonna’s show in Los Angeles noted), Madonna’s show received a four-star review.

“Beneath the gloss and and attention grabbing outfits, she still has much to offer,” says critic Emily Jupp.

Jupp seemed to especially like Madonna’s stripped-down ukulele version of “True Blue.” The Daily Mirror also gave Madonna’s show a near-perfect rating.

“But Queen Madge returned to the scene of the crime on Tuesday night and confidently took back her crown – reigning supreme once again with her Rebel Heart tour,” claims critic Hannah Hope.

Ms. Hope, like a lot of other critics, says Madonna sounds better than ever and noted that nobody is laughing at Madonna anymore; they’re all applauding in awe.

Madonna Rebel Heart Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ album may have not sold a lot of copies (thanks, hackers), but it still remains a critical favorite. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]In other good news for Madonna, Rolling Stone has named Rebel Heart as one of the top 50 albums of the year (No. 45). Madonna fans are angry that the album isn’t higher, while others are angry that the album even made the list. In any case, here’s what Rolling Stone has to say about Madonna’s latest album.

“Rebel Heart was the queen’s finest album in a decade, picking up the disco-stick baton of her 2005 Confessions on a Dance Floor as Madonna voyages back into the groove and reflects on where she’s been lately.”

Unfortunately, Rolling Stone, a magazine that is usually very accurate when it comes to pop music, calls the first single “Living for Life” even though it was really called “Living for Love.” Then again, the song never became the hit people expected it to be, so it’s not a total sin to get the name wrong.

It is expected that because of the box office and critical success of the Rebel Heart Tour, Madonna will add some dates next summer. It is expected that New York City will get another show or two. But what wasn’t expected was that Madonna would return to Israel on this tour. Ynet reveals that Madonna is in talks to play the Jewish state next summer. That would be Madonna’s first show in Israel since 2012, when she kicked off her MDNA Tour at the Ramat Gan Stadium.

Madonna will be 60 in less than three years, and her critics want you to know that — they think her age defines her. However, judging from the commercial and critical success of the Rebel Heart Tour, it’s Madonna’s talent that truly defines her.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]