Is Chris Brown Promoting Rape?

R&B singer Chris Brown is frequently at the center of scandal, whether it be his violent tendencies or his romance drama with the various women in his life. Now the two worlds are colliding in the form of allegations that his music promotes the rape of women. Uproxx draws attention to some lyrics in one of his most recent song releases, and the apparent insinuation is disturbing.

Lyrics in the song Sex seem to depict a sexual encounter between Brown and a woman. However, at the 29-second mark, a collection of lyrics has outraged a number of people.

“Trying to put it in before this girl wakes up. Cause when she wakes up she just talks too much.”

These lyrics have led to Breezy being dubbed “The Bill Cosby of R&B” on social media. That’s clearly due to the implications of having sex with an unconscious woman who may have been drugged or is otherwise incapacitated during the event. Bill Cosby has long been accused of drugging and raping numerous women, so these latest comparisons by music fans don’t put Chris Brown in a good light.

These reports come on the heels of Brown’s Australian tour cancellation. The Courier Mail reports that he has been denied entry into Australia. The writers of the piece speculated that the troubled singer couldn’t get a judge to overturn the government’s decision to bar him from entry. He was barred from entering Australia earlier this year, based on the fact that he has a violent criminal record and has been known to react aggressively in public situations. His alleged treatment of women and the brutal beating of Rihanna played a role in the Aussie government’s decision.

Now that attention is being drawn to whether or not he’s promoting rape in his song lyrics, it’s hard to imagine that the Australian government will cut him some slack. After all, this is just one more reference to his alleged mistreatment of women. Of course Chris Brown’s treatment of Rihanna gets referenced in the media and pop culture all the time. Some people have even used it to attack Whoopi Goldberg for some of her views.

Over the course of his career, Chris Brown has been the center of controversy more than a handful of times. In 2008 he brutally assaulted his former girlfriend Rihanna. He also famously smashed the window at Good Morning America, where he was supposed to give an interview. Most recently, he’s had a few run-ins with the law over his reaction to being dumped by former girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Police were called when Brown banged on her door and refused to leave when she asked him to.

Do you think that the lyrics in the song “Sex” — or any of his songs for that matter — glamorize and promote the rape of women? If so, could this negatively impact his career like it has other celebs accused of similar crimes?

[Photo: via Twitter]