‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Update Nerfs Weapons, Improves Stability Across All Platforms

After releasing an official trailer for the free “Battle of Jakku” DLC pack for Star Wars Battlefront earlier this week, Electronic Arts has now detailed a new title update that launched today alongside the game’s first add-on.

The patch was released for all platforms and is now available to download on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. In addition to providing several bug fixes, the update will also supposedly improve the overall stability of Star Wars Battlefront. Specifically, the official patch notes state that users should encounter fewer client crashes after applying the game’s latest update.

This week’s patch for Star Wars Battlefront also brought changes to a number of gameplay physics that should slightly alter how vehicles function in the game. Other tweaks that were included with the update make changes to the UI HUD and allow for better audio features as well as improved online performance.

In addition to simply fixing known issues, Electronic Arts and developer D.I.C.E. also implanted a few general adjustments to Star Wars Battlefront‘s gameplay in an effort to better balance multiplayer modes. As a result of today’s patch, users will find specific weapons, cards, and loadouts to be weaker than they were when the game first launched. Exact details on which items have been changed have not yet been released.

As previously mentioned, the update was released today to accompany the launch of Star Wars Battlefront‘s “Battle of Jakku” DLC. The add-on is now ready to download for those who pre-ordered Star Wars Battlefront and will officially become available to all starting next Tuesday. Regardless of when the DLC is unlocked for individual users, the content is being offered to all players for no additional charge.

The “Battle of Jakku” expansion will help bridge the gap between the events of the original Star Wars trilogy and the new storyline introduced in the highly anticipated next installment of the film franchise that will be unveiled to fans this December with the theatrical release of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.

The DLC takes Star Wars Battlefront players to the planet of Jakku which is one of the locations featured in this year’s new movie. The map will add another massive, 40-player game mode to Battlefront that gives gamers another opportunity to live out large-scale battles inside the Star Wars universe similar to the title’s existing Walker Assault mode that recreates the famous battle from the opening scene of The Empire Strikes Back, which took place on the ice planet of Hoth.

Following the release of the first free DLC pack for Star Wars Battlefront, EA is also preparing to release a series of paid content next year as part of the game’s season pass bundle. However, the publishing giant has also already confirmed that the “Battle of Jakku” won’t be the only free DLC offering they plan to make available for Star Wars Battlefront. Additional maps will continue to be released for free in the coming months.

No word has been given as to what kind of new modes these free expansions will add to Star Wars Battlefront. Despite the fact that the game’s co-op missions don’t offer any kind of multiplayer progression, many fans are upset with the limited number of cooperative modes included with Battlefront, so perhaps EA plans to release more co-op content in the future.

Star Wars Battlefront just released across current-gen platforms in mid-November. Fans can expect to see new features added to the game for some time to come. Additionally, Electronic Arts has also already revealed their plans to stick with the franchise in the future with multiple sequels already planned.

Are you happy to see the new stability improvements added to Star Wars Battlefront, or are you more concerned with weapon power being altered in the name of game balance?

[Image via Star Wars EA]