Jesus Christ Is The ‘Greatest Scam In World History’ — Transgender Woman Continues Jesus Myth Debate

The internet has been hotly debating the issue of Jesus Christ’s existence lately, especially after a previous report from the Inquisitr revealed the findings of a historian who claims he found no mention of Jesus Christ in 126 historical texts. While both Christians and atheists have come to the defense of Jesus Christ’s existence, a proponent of the Jesus myth has come from an unusual source this week.

According to Information Nigeria, an internet-famous transgender activist from Nigeria named Stephanie Rose has created another series of Facebook posts that have gone viral, declaring that Jesus Christ is “the greatest scam in world history.”

Stephanie Rose
Stephanie Rose. (via Facebook)

Among many claims, Stephanie Rose says that Jesus Christ never walked on water and compared his birth story to many similar gods that most people have long considered myths like Horus, Mithiras, Dionysus, Krishna, and Attis. You can see some of the posts by Stephanie Rose declaring Jesus Christ a scam below.

“Jesus Christ remains the greatest scam in World history. No man/god of such personality ever lived or walked the surface of this earth!… The name Jesus Christ was created at the Council of Nicea at the re-edition of the present day bible!… Jesus Christ is a fictional Character not a true life story. JESUS WALKED ON WATER IS A FABLE!”

It is not uncommon for atheists to deny the existence of Jesus Christ, but Stephanie Rose is a particularly strange case because she repeatedly claims that, while Jesus Christ is a myth, “all religions are true.” According to Bella Naija, Rose has reportedly written a book titled No One Goes To Heaven Because No One Goes To Hell, wherein she voices several uncommon opinions that both defame the Christian God of the Old Testament while simultaneously accepting many of the claims made by various religions.

You can read some more of Stephanie Rose’s thoughts about Jesus Christ and God in the viral Facebook posts below.

All religions are valid?
Stephanie Rose's thoughts on Jesus Christ. (Photo via Facebook)

While the opinions of Stephanie Rose may be radical to some, her stance that Jesus Christ is a myth is supported by several major Biblical historians — though virtually none of them would refer to Jesus Christ as a “scam.”

Historian Dr. Richard Carrier wrote a book called On the Historicity of Jesus in which he claims to have compiled a compelling case for why people should doubt that Jesus Christ ever existed. While some claim to have confirmed the existence of Jesus Christ through historical mentions of him by Josephus Flavius and Publius Cornelius Tacitus, other sources say historians have not come to a consensus on the validity of those claims.

By contrast, the claims made by the Nigerian transgender activist Stephanie Rose have been criticized for being less evidence-based and more of an attack on the concept of God itself, based on the problem of evil in the world and the fact that bad things happen to people.

“Jesus Christ is a myth, there is no Saviour any where and that explains why terrible things happen to people in this World and the position of EVIL is unchecked because the same God functions in this EVIL CAPACITY,” Stephanie Rose writes. “Jesus Christ is not a true story of this wicked and callous God! The Sun can walk on Water… but the Son can not walk on Water.”

Transgender activist. Stephanie Rose. (via Facebook)

What do you think about Stephanie Rose’s claim that Jesus Christ is the greatest scam in history? Do you think her opinions have merit, or is she simply lashing out?

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