‘Overweight Haters’ Shaming Women On Subway One-Upped By Plus-Sized Clothing Company

A group called “Overweight Haters Ltd,” apparently existing to make others feel bad about themselves, temporarily succeeded in horrifying some women when a man, described as a nicely-dressed hipster, began handing out cards to females on a subway in London telling the women that they were “fat” and “ugly.”

As reported earlier by Inquisitr, these fat-shaming cards left women in tears on the subway.

Overweight Hate London Underground
Women were not suspecting they'd encounter overweight-hate on the London Underground. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

One woman, Kara Florish, posted a picture of the Overweight Haters Ltd card she received while on the London subway. She called the card “hateful” and “cowardly.”

Luckily, this nasty notion gave one lady a great idea. According to Mic, Bethany Rutter, a plus-sized journalist, thought it would be a great idea to start handing out empowering messages on cards to people instead of allowing the “Overweight Haters” leave their unsightly marks on the rest of the world.

Rutter told Mic, “I love giving and receiving compliments, and a random compliment from a well-intentioned stranger (not a creepy dude, obviously) has been known to make my day. I heard about this horrendous fatphobic campaign of hate on the London underground and thought it was the perfect opportunity to get started on this!”

Rutter also tweeted that she wanted to give all “fat women” a nice card telling them that they looked “great today.” Once her tweet went out, she started receiving stories from overweight women who shared their fat-shaming stories with her.

Rutter and a colleague, who works at the plus-sized clothing company Navabi, thought they should turn the idea of handing out positive cards into action since they were able to do so. With the help of Navabi’s chief marketing officer Dan Barker, Rutter was able to print out 200 cards that said, “You look great!”

The black cards have a tiny red heart on them without Navabi branding, and they are not just for people who are overweight. They are for people of all sizes and for any gender, and so far the cards have had positive reactions.

Overweight Haters shaming women on the subway may be over. The British Transit Police are investigating the incidents and want women to come forward if they have been handed anything from the Overweight Haters Ltd.

However, Navabi wasn’t done with printing positive cards to one-up Overweight Haters. Navabi took over the Overweight Haters domain name to spread a better message.

Overweight Haters isn’t the only fat-shaming group out there. Another group under a thread on Voat, Fat People Hate, loves to shame fat people in discussion. Some here claim to love the idea of certain cards being made in London and thinks that more should be printed out. Others say they would participate if given the chance.

Overweight Haters Voat
These users on Voat seem to support the Overweight Haters Ltd card scheme. (Photo by Lisa Carley)

The main post in the discussion thread was deleted by the user two days ago.

One person on Voat, user mystic_chihuahua, said, “There’s a printing company in my country who do 250 business cards for free, just pay a few dollars shipping. I now know what the theme of my cards will be.”

Those who have tried to denounce overweight-shaming have been banned or downvoted out of sight under the thread.

[Photo by Navabi]