Spinoff Of ‘Criminal Minds’ Coming Soon: CBS Announces ‘Beyond Borders’ Premiere Date, When Does It Begin?

The spinoff of Criminal Minds now has a premiere date, and fans are anxious to get started with this new series. Everybody got a taste of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders last season with an episode that set up the new premise, and now the team is coming together for their own run. When will the show begin?

It has been known for a while now that CBS was going ahead with their Criminal Minds spinoff, and it looks like most of the original team is in place for the full show. According to TVLine, Beyond Borders will premiere on Wednesday, March 2. It will get the spot right after the primary series, just after Code Black finishes its first season.

The original episode that kicks off the idea of Beyond Borders starred Gary Sinise from CSI: New York and Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad. However, Gunn won’t be a part of the team in the official spinoff Criminal Minds series. Viewers will see fellow team members Daniel Henney of Hawaii Five-0 and Revolution as well as Tyler James Williams from The Walking Dead and Everybody Hates Chris return for this full-fledged season though in the roles they initiated in the introductory episode.

The premise of the new show follows what viewers saw in the initial episode last April: The team is from a division of the FBI that assists Americans who end up in dangerous situations while they are abroad. While Gunn may be out, the show has brought in two new team members to round out the cast.


Deadline shared that Alana de la Garza from Forever and Scorpion joins the show as Clara. She will be one of the members of the International Response Team and has a background in cultural anthropology. Annie Funke from The Affair and The Intern will play the role of medical examiner Mae in the spinoff of Criminal Minds.

This is not the first spinoff for Criminal Minds, as CBS aired the version titled Suspect Behavior with Forest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo several years ago. Unfortunately, that series did not last beyond its initial season. Fans of the original are certainly hopeful that the Beyond Borders version will fare better. This new version was well-received by viewers of the initial episode featuring the original and new teams, and many are looking forward to it beginning in March.


Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer is set to tackle the spinoff, and she will be joined by Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper as executive producers. Pepper has most recently been working as an executive producer with Quantico while Gordon has experience not only with Criminal Minds and Quantico, but also Grey’s Anatomy, Army Wives, and Private Practice. There is clearly a strong team in place to lead this spinoff of Criminal Minds, and fans are already buzzing about it.

Will people tune in to check out the new show even with the loss of Anna Gunn from the cast? Gary Sinise certainly has a dedicated and solid fan base that, when combined with the power of being a spinoff of Criminal Minds and getting that companion time slot, seems like a potentially winning combination.

Additional details about the upcoming show should emerge as the premiere date draws closer. The new spinoff Criminal Minds show Beyond Borders starring Gary Sinise and the rest of the international team debuts on Wednesday, March 2 on CBS.

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