‘Full House’ John Stamos Congratulates Mary-Kate Olsen On Her Wedding

Well, none of the former Full House family was represented at the wedding of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy, but that hasn’t stopped John Stamos from wishing her well. Olsen, 29 and Sarkozy, 46 were married over the weekend at a private residence in front of about 50 people.

The relationship between John Stamos and the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, has been tenuous, according to the Inquisitr. Their show, Full House, has gotten a reboot into Fuller House, but the Olsens want no part of the new gig. Reports have surfaced that part of the refusal to even do an appearance was based on bad blood between Stamos and the Olsens that goes back to the first season on Full House, when Stamos tried to get the famous twins fired for being babies. The hectic nature of working with toddlers seemed to annoy Stamos, and he wanted them replaced with children who were easier to work with. Stamos has copped to his issues with the Olsens, but says it was long ago, and all parties have moved on.

CBS News reported that John Stamos took to Instagram to wish Mary-Kate Olsen and Olvier Sarkozy congratulations on their nuptials.

“Stamos, 51, didn’t attend the nuptials, but he did congratulate the newlyweds with a cute throwback pic from the ‘Full House’ days, featuring the Olsen twins, who played Michelle Tanner on the show.”

“In the blink of an eye,” Stamos captioned the shot. “Congrats MK X.”

Sarkozy is a French banker, and the half brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Sarkozy and Olsen have been dating for three years.

Vanity Fair reported that the most notable thing about the wedding was the heavy cigarette smoke that swirled through the wedding.

“In a Venn diagram of the Olsen twins and French people, there is but one intersection: cigarettes. Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy—an Olsen twin and a French person, respectively—are not unaware of this fact, even as they remain unaware of how strange they look as a couple, the 46-year-old banker towering over the 29-year-old fashion designer like a withering oak might tower over a rapidly cooling Starbucks cup someone accidentally left under the withering oak.”

Comments were made that it was impossible to see through the smoke in order to see those who attended the wedding in New York.

“‘Everyone smoked the whole night’ is also something of a disturbing sentence, especially considering the wedding was held indoors and likely went on for many hours. The mind reels at the dry-cleaning costs. Do Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy insist that everyone they socialize with—including Sarkozy’s half-brother, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy—passionately chain-smoke? What about the guests who, I don’t know, forgive me for even suggesting it, don’t smoke? Did they just run intermittently into the rear garden, gasping desperately at the fresh, floral-scented air, eyes stinging, wondering why they couldn’t have instead developed a friendship with Ashley, who has always been the more responsible twin?”

There were no comments about who attended, beyond Olsen and Sarkozy, but both John Stamos and Bob Saget confirmed that they were not invited to the wedding, and neither was anyone from Full House.

Do you think there is still bad blood on the cast of Full House? Do you believe the Olsens and John Stamos are still in touch?

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]