Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen His Daughter Suri In Over Two Years

Although Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are no longer together, it is curious that he doesn’t see his daughter Suri. In fact, he allegedly hasn’t seen her in over 800 days. With the recent Scientology dust-up over Leah Remini’s new book, things are actually even more adversarial between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes than ever.

The Inquisitr reported that Tom Cruise is boiling over with anger after Katie Holmes apologized to Leah Remini for treating her badly in the name of Scientology. After the Cruise-Holmes wedding, Katie Holmes wrote a letter to the church complaining about Leah Remini’s behavior at their wedding in Italy, which caused her to endure punishment and penalties through the church. The reported marital split was said to be due to Scientology overwhelming their lives, and Holmes was not having her life and the life of her child controlled by the religion.

It’s hard to know what is inside the divorce or parenting agreement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but it’s hard to imagine why a parent wouldn’t see their minor child at all, according to Jezebel.

“It’s thought that the long time between visits is down to Katie, 36, opposing Tom’s religion, and that members of the Church of Scientology want him to keep his distance from the negativity. A former member of Scientology, Marc Headley, also told the publication that his absence from his daughter’s life could have been down to Tom’s concerns over Katie’s family bad-mouthing the religion, of which he is the most famous member.”

Tom Cruise’s representatives says that he sees his daughter, but that it’s always in private.

“Tom’s representatives have previously denied such allegations, stating that he has seen Suri, but away from the public eye and behind closed doors.”

Hollywood Life is also reporting that Tom Cruise has not seen Suri in years, and it could be because Katie Holmes is now considered a “Suppressive Person” or SP by the church of Scientology. A SP is someone the church considers an enemy of Scientology.

“Tom Cruise, 53, has reportedly shunned his nine-year-old daughter Suri by ex-wife Katie Holmes, 36. In a bombshell new claim, the actor reportedly has made no effort to see his only biological child, despite being in the same city at the same time. What a devastating revelation. No little girl should have to grow up without her father’s love!”

The divorce took place in 2012, and time between Cruise and his daughter has been almost non existent. They are now living on different coasts, but there aren’t any financial reasons that the families can’t see each other.

“There’s been speculation that after Katie divorced Tom in 2012 and got custody of Suri, she became an S.P. – a suppressive person in the eyes of the Church of Scientology – which means that individual must be shunned. And that dictate may apply to his daughter as well since she’s no longer being raised with the Church’s strict belief codes.”

According to InTouch Magazine, Cruise has been in close proximity to Holmes and his daughter Suri but could not work out the details to see the child. Sources are wondering if there is some secret agreement between Holmes and Tom Cruise. However, unless someone slips, the public will never know.

In Touch magazine seems to have backed up the claim in summer of 2015, noting that Tom was New York City to promote his action blockbuster Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, he was physically very close to his little girl but failed to meet up with her. Their source claimed that the star ‘was just blocks away from Suri (in New York City) and he didn’t spend a moment of time with her.’ So sad!!”

Do you think that Tom Cruise’s absence from his daughter’s life is due to the Church of Scientology?

[Photo by Lee Jin-Man/AP]