Lamar Odom Condition: Liza Morales Feuded With Khloe Kardashian Prior To Hospital Visit? Read Her Odd Tweet

As Lamar Odom’s condition continues to be a hot topic in the media, a new report has surfaced claiming his children’s mother, Liza Morales, and his wife, Khloe Kardashian, haven’t been getting along.

“Liza and the kids arrived last week, and remained in Los Angeles until Saturday. They spent Thanksgiving with [Lamar Odom] in the hospital,” a source revealed to Radar Online on November 30.

“The hospital served a special Thanksgiving dinner. While it obviously wasn’t as good as a home-cooked meal, the family made the best of a bad situation. [Lamar Odom] seemed a little down though.”

Although Kardashian had allegedly claimed she’d been spending Thanksgiving at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where Lamar Odom is currently receiving care, she didn’t get to visit him until the following day, after Morales and her children left, and only stayed for a reported 45 minutes.

According to Radar Online, Kardashian and Morales have had a strained relationship for many years, which has only gotten worse in the weeks since his October 13 overdose. Prior to Lamar Odom’s marriage, he and Morales had been together for several years, but for unknown reasons, he never married her. Then, in September 2009, just 30 days after meeting Kardashian, Lamar Odom proposed, and they quickly tied the knot.

Although Lamar Odom enjoyed a few years of marital bliss with Kardashian, the couple parted ways in 2013 amid rumors that he had been allegedly using drugs and cheating on his wife. However, it wasn’t until December of that year that Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom, and due to their failure to sign the proper paperwork to end their marriage in a timely manner, they were still technically married when Lamar Odom was hospitalized.

Throughout Lamar Odom’s health crisis, both women have been at his side. As soon as he was hospitalized in Las Vegas, Kardashian flew via private jet to be at his side and remained with him until he was transported to Los Angeles late last month. Meanwhile, Morales and her children, Destiny Odom and Lamar Odom Jr., arrived at the hospital in Las Vegas the day after he was hospitalized and returned to New York, where the kids are in school, once Lamar Odom came out of his coma.

According to Radar Online’s insider, the goal is for Lamar Odom to leave the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center by Christmas and enter a rehab facility, where he will continue to recover. However, as the source revealed, Lamar Odom’s “memory continues to suffer because of the overdose, and he isn’t able to take care of himself.”

On November 28, Radar Online shared a separate report, revealing details of a recent statement shared by Morales on Twitter.

“Last month, our gratefulness reached the pinnacle, our Mt. Everest. All I experienced in my life prepared me for October 13th. I needed to be a pillar of strength for my children,” Morales wrote to her fans on Twitter.

“God knows I tried my best. The constant obstacles we experienced around that time added to the life lessons list. Thankful. To our loved ones and friends that surrounded us with love and support. Thankful. The prayers and well wishes sent to [Lamar Odom] and his family. Thankful. I can’t forget to thank the people that knew my children since toddler age, that turned their backs, and prioritized business relationships. Thankful. It helped us take notice of the ones that stood with us. You see, it’s not about who was there cheering in the stands at basketball games. No, this is real life. What matters is who was with you when you were at your lowest.”

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