Kate Chastain Talks Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota’s Drama With Eddie Lucas And Current Relationship With Ben Robinson

Viewers can expect to see more arguments between Kate Chastain and Raquel “Rocky” Dakota on tonight’s part 2 of Below Deck season 3 reunion show. On part 1 of the reunion show, Kate criticized Rocky’s work ethic, attitude, and general disrespect towards her. Rocky defended herself by saying that Kate’s management style was rude and that she didn’t give her a fair chance. In an interview with All About The Tea, posted on Tuesday, Kate addressed Rocky‘s criticism of her. Kate also talked about the drama between Rocky and Eddie Lucas and where things currently stand with her and Ben Robinson.

Kate said that Rocky was the one who was rude and who wrote her off. Kate said that she leads by example and only expects the other stewardesses to work just as hard as her. As she did on part 1 of the reunion show, Kate pointed out that Rocky definitely didn’t complain when the charter guests left them big tips. Kate reiterated that she thinks that Rocky owes her and Amy Johnson a big “Thank You” for earning her so much money.


As for Rocky’s sexual escapades with Eddie Lucas, Kate said that it’s not surprising that it happened. Kate believes that the fling was just another way for Rocky to get attention and that she enjoyed all of the drama that came from it.

“People on boats hook up. It happens, no big deal. At first it’s exciting because it’s a secret, and then the new wears off and the realization that it was just a cabin fever-induced fling sets in. I think Rocky enjoyed the drama from the aftermath of it all more than the fling itself. It’s no secret she loves attention and this was just another way for her to get it.”

Early on in the season, it was suggested that Eddie and Rocky were having sex with one another through some very suggestive sounds. Eddie was then shown making a tearful phone call to his girlfriend back home and confessing to doing something wrong. Later on, Rocky told Amy that she and Eddie had sex on the yacht twice.

On the season finale episode, after Eddie found out that Rocky had spilled their secret, he angrily barged into Rocky’s room and yelled at her for lying about them having sex. Yet during a beach party later on, Eddie admitted to everyone that he did have sex with Rocky. Rocky gleefully exclaimed that her time with Eddie was “amazing!”


A preview for part 2 of the reunion show shows that viewers will see Raquel “Rocky” Dakota claim that she and Eddie Lucas continued to have sexual relations two more times after filming ended. Eddie denies Rocky’s claim. After Eddie says that he and his girlfriend are back together, Rocky says that they had sex after filming when he and his girlfriend were still broken up.

Rocky and Eddie’s relationship won’t be the only one under examination on part 2 of the reunion show. While Ben wasn’t shown on part 1 of the reunion show, viewers will see him on tonight’s part 2 episode talking about his relationship with Kate.

Kate told All About The Tea that she and Ben are now only “great friends.”

“In regards to past hook-ups or arguments, we both know that neither are ever that serious and at the end of the day we will always be great friends, nothing more, nothing less.”

Ben Robinson, who was on the first and second seasons of Below Deck, came back on the show later on in the third season to replace Leon Walker as the yacht’s chef after Captain Lee Rosbach found Leon at fault for the galley fire. In the previous season, Kate Chastain and Ben had a sexual relationship. While the two didn’t get together on the third season, they did have a lot of tension with one another. Co-star Amy Johnson chalked up their frequent disagreements with one another to sexual tension.

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