Michael Vick’s Former Dogfighting Dog Euthanized At Shelter

One of Michael Vick’s dogfighting dogs was euthanized last week due to an unknown illness. Ellen, who was one of two dozen pit bulls rescued from the dogfighting ring backed by the Eagles Quarterback, was 11-years-old.

Ellen was staying at the Best Friends Animal Shelter in Utah with several of the other pit bulls rescued from Vick’s dogfighting ring. The dogs, known as the Viktory Dogs, were given little chance to live a normal life after the abuse that they suffered, but according to Caregiver Tom Williams, Ellen showed people that abused dogs can still show love.

Williams said:

“You could just see them change their perception. She went a long way toward helping not only the Vick dogs that are here, but pit bulls in general. She helped to dispel the myths about them.”

Caregiver Maddie Haydon said that Ellen was one of the friendliest dogs at the sanctuary.

Haydontold Web Pro News:

“I’ve never had a dog who was so affectionate. She bonded with everyone she met.”

Here’s a video about the Viktory Dogs.