Atz Kilcher of ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Looks To Build Site For Young People To Do Art

Atz Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier is now working on getting a permit so that he can build a site at Fox River, which will be all for allowing children to have a place where they can do art. Charlotte Observer shared that at this time Kilcher is still trying to get a permit, but hopefully this will all work out for him. They are still in the early stages. He actually applied with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources for permission to construct several permanent buildings near the Old Believer Russian Orthodox village Kachemak Selo.


If Atz Kilcher can get this all built up, it will have a two-story barn, cabin, bunkhouse, workshop, and outhouse. The area will be used for having camps where the kids will stay for a few days, and they will work on all kinds of art, including singing and poetry. This will be a great time, but they will also be learning about art. Kilcher has a passion for this, and is hoping that he can get this approved and started.

Kilcher shared what his plans are for the site.

“The dream as it’s unfolding, it could involve kids, youths, parents and their kids — I see it more as a writing, art retreat. I could envision letting existing organizations use my facility, turning kids onto the wilderness.”

This area at Fox River is very important to Atz Kilcher, and that is why he chose it. This will be perfect for his art camp, and Kilcher explained why.

“The Fox River valley for me has been for me a fantasyland, a retreat. I call it my sanctuary. The theme of healing, the theme of getting in touch with your higher self, of being creative, of being at your best, those kind of things are what I experienced when I was up there. It still has that magic for me.”

Atz Kilcher went on to explain that the area of Fox River is what makes him happy and when he thinks about what gives him pleasure, it is this area. Atz is still in the very early stages of planning this art retreat for children, but hopefully he can get the permit approved soon and then they can get started building it.

On his website, Atz Kilcher even has a song for sale, which is called Fox River Grass. This just shows how important this area is to him, as well. Also, a lot of Atz’s art that he has made has things from this area. His father, Yule Kilcher, actually discovered the Fox River Cattlemen’s Association, which has had a grazing lease there for 60 years. Atz Kilcher thinks he has found the perfect spot.


New episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier air on Discovery channel on Sunday nights. This is when you can see more from Atz Kilcher and his family. Fans would love to see it all happen. Hopefully, if he gets his permit, they will show some of Atz Kilcher building this retreat on the show. Do you think that he has a great idea with this art retreat for children? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Atz Kilcher’s idea for a new art retreat for kids.

[Image via Twitter]