Kristen Doute Compares James Kennedy And Tom Sandoval, Says James Relationship Was ‘Verbally, Emotionally, Physically Abusive And Draining AF’

During Kristen Doute’s appearance on the Vanderpump Rules After Show on Monday night, she compared ex-boyfriends James Kennedy and Tom Sandoval. Hosts Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard asked Kristen a series of questions in which she had to respond with either James or Tom.

The questions started off pretty innocent. Asked who’s smarter, Kristen said Tom. She named James as the better kisser. Not surprisingly, she also said that James, who has been filmed out of control after drinking too much, is the most annoying one when drunk. However, in terms of who’s more annoying in general, she said Tom. When it comes to who’s the bigger liar, Kristen said that it’s a tie.

The questions then turned sexual. Asked who’s better in bed, Kristen said that it’s hard to say. She then admitted that she doesn’t really remember how Tom, with whom she was in a relationship with for six years, was. Brandy laughed at Kristen’s response and said that means that the winner by default is James. Kristen agreed with that assessment.

“I don’t really totally remember Tom that much.”

Kristen also said that James has the bigger penis. At least Tom was named as the better boyfriend “hands down.”

Despite Kristen Doute’s sexual compatibility with James Kennedy, the relationship was short-lived due to James’ cheating. On a previous episode of Vanderpump Rules, James denied to Kristen that he cheated on her with one of her friends but confessed to the camera that he did cheat. After couples therapy didn’t work to solve their problems, Kristen finally decided to end the relationship. On Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kristen admitted that James was just a rebound and that she should not have jumped into another relationship so soon after her bad breakup from Tom Sandoval.

As the episode aired, Kristen thanked her fans for their support. She tweeted that her relationship with James was “verbally, emotionally, physically abusive and draining AF.”

Was Kristen saying that James physically hurt her during their relationship with that tweet? In response to a person who asked her if the face fracture she showed up to the After Show with is the result of an abusive relationship, Kristen said “not THOSE fractures.” Was Kristen hinting that there are other injuries that are due to an abusive relationship?

Viewers actually saw Kristen find some common ground with James’ new love interest, Lala Kent, during a night out on Monday night’s episode. Kristen told Lala that she heard that she had “hooked up” with James when they were still together. Lala didn’t deny it but told Kristen that James had said that he and Kristen were broken up. Kristen confirmed that she and James were very much together. Kristen then told Lala that James badmouthed her. Kristen said that James told her that this new girl Lala is a “s**t” and a “w***e.” Lala agreed with Kristen that James’ behavior was deplorable.

In her interview, Lala said that James was texting her long before he and Kristen broke up. She speculated that James said those bad things about her to Kristen in order to cover himself in case Kristen found out.

Later, inside the lounge, James criticized Lala for believing Kristen over him. James even told Lala that she was being “a basic b***h.” Kristen Doute pointed out to the group how much James was yelling at Lala and even seemed sympathetic towards Lala.

A preview for next week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules shows Lala Kent, after her argument with James Kennedy, showing some interest in Jax Taylor. As the Inquisitr previously reported, it seems that Lala and James are still together because they continue to post photos of one another on their social media pages.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]