Is There An Alien Fusion Reactor On The Moon? Watch Bizarre Footage Showing Mysterious Glow In Moon's Aristarchus Crater

JohnThomas Didymus

Online UFO bloggers are baffled by bizarre footage showing a mysterious green light glowing on the lunar surface. The bizarre footage, uploaded to YouTube on November 27, 2015, by prolific YouTube UFO hunter UFOvni2012, has been viewed thousands of times by space anomaly enthusiasts and has sparked a debate in the online UFO community, with some suggesting there could be a massive helium-3 fusion reactor on the Moon.

The clip (see below) shows a bright green light glowing on the lunar surface in the Aristarchus crater. The bright light shines unsteadily for about an hour after it was first observed, and then wanes gradually until it fades away.

But UFO hunter UFOvni2012 is not the first to report such mysterious glowing light phenomenon on the lunar surface. Astronomers have known about the mysterious phenomenon, termed Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP), for decades.

A TLP event in the Aristarchus Crater was observed by astronaut Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission on July 19, 1969.

Soon after the Apollo 11 command module entered into orbit around the Moon, Mission Control Center in Houston received a message from astronomers in Bochum, West Germany, saying they had observed a TLP at the Aristarchus Crater. Mission Control Center then sent a message to Apollo 11, asking that one of the astronauts look out the window of the spacecraft in the direction of Aristarchus crater to confirm the report.

"We've got an observation you can make if you have some time up there. There has been some lunar transient events reported in the vicinity of Aristarchus."

Despite the observation by Armstrong, some astronomers continued to dismiss reports of eerie luminescence on the lunar surface as an illusion. But following repeated observations by several reputable astronomers, scientists began proposing possible explanations.

Some suggested that the brightness could be due to gas escaping from underground lunar cavities. Other suggested it could be due to meteorite impact events that are known to occur regularly on the lunar surface. A few researchers suggested it could be caused by electrostatic phenomenon on the lunar surface.

But some fringe researchers began pushing the claim that TLP in Aristarchus has emission properties that suggest there could be a fusion reactor in the crater. The radical suggestion quickly gained acceptance among some in the online UFO community.

Although, UFO hunters are nearly unanimous that TLP events could be evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on the Moon, there is a divergence of views about what causes a TLP event.

Some UFO hunters claim that the lights are from alien buildings or other artificial structures on the lunar surface. Others subscribe to the radical theory that Aristarchus crater houses an alien fusion reactor.

Close-up photos of the Aristarchus crater suggest to some anomaly hunters the presence of a symmetrical dome-like structure believed to be a fusion reactor giving off the strange light.

Online sources referencing the theory that a fusion reactor is located in the Aristarchus crater date back to 2001 and probably earlier. Some insist that the crater contains a massive helium-3 fusion reactor.

The suggestion comes from the belief that helium-3 gas could be abundant on the Moon despite being scarce on Earth. Helium-3 could become a major source of fuel for nuclear fusion power plants in the future.

But the proponents of the incredible theory that there could be an alien helium-3 fusion reactor on the Moon have been debating obvious questions about who could be operating a technologically advanced fusion reactor on the lunar surface and why anyone would locate a fusion reactor on the Moon.

UFO Sightings Daily's Scott Waring represents another school of thought on the mystery of TLP. He suggests that the object shown in the video uploaded by UFOvni2012 is simply an alien craft hovering over the Aristarchus crater. He suggests that the UFO could have come from an underground alien lunar base.

"This... shows a green glowing UFO over the Aristarchus crater on Earth's moon. The glowing object changes shape as it moves around, almost as if it's a green glowing mist," Waring writes, and adds, "The UFO may have come from an entrance in the crater that leads below into an alien base."

Although Waring's comments do not exclude the possibility that the alleged UFO is powered by a helium-3 fusion reactor, he echoes the popular belief in the online UFO community that our Moon is a massive and hollow artificial space station built and parked in orbit around Earth by a very advanced technological alien race.

According to Waring, our Moon as an artificial space station (more information here) simulates the appearance of a natural satellite because the intelligent aliens that built it want to remain unobserved by less advanced species. To support his claim, Waring cites ancient Greek sources that speak of a time in history before the Earth acquired a Moon.

"Aristotle wrote that Arcadia in Greece, before being inhabited by the Hellenes, had a population of Pelasgians, and that these aborigines occupied the land already before there was a moon in the sky above the Earth; for this reason they were called Proselenes."

[Image via NASA]