Chris Rock Investigated For ‘Child Trafficking’ By South African Police, Child Lived With Family Seven Years On Travel Visa

Chris Rock and ex-wife Malaak Compton-Rock are being investigated by an elite police unit in South Africa regarding the removal of a South African child from the country without following “proper legal procedures.” Rock allegedly faces charges similar to “child trafficking” charges, according to one officer, and the case is being taken very seriously. The issue stems from the removal of a child, Ntombi-futhi Samantha, in November, 2008. The Rock family took the child back to the United States with them after getting a signed consent form from the girl’s parents. However, the child entered the United States on a simple travel visa, but remained in the country for the last seven years. Now, South African government officials are looking into the little girl’s legal status, which was brought to light by Chris Rock and Malaak’s divorce.

Chris Rock Chris Rock at the Kid’s Choice Awards with Ntombi-futhi (pictured center). [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]The Daily Mail reports that Chris Rock and his former wife Malaak Compton-Rock divorced after 19 years of marriage. However, the divorce has seemingly caused the family some unconventional legal troubles, as it was discovered one of the children living with the Rock family was not legally adopted, despite living in the United States for seven years. The Rock family mysteriously added another member to their family back in November, 2008, after returning from South Africa following charity work in the region. The couple returned with 9-month-old Ntombi-futhi Samantha.

Since bringing the child from South Africa in November of 2008, the Rock family has raised her alongside their two biological daughters. The little girl sparked rumors that Chris Rock had a “love child,” but the family quickly shot down the rumors noting that the little girl was “the daughter of a family friend from South Africa who Compton-Rock met through her charity endeavors.” The statement seems to be true, as reporters have tracked down Ntombi’s biological parents in South Africa.

Chris Rock Chris Rock at the Madagascar 3 premiere with Ntombi (pictured front and center). The Rock family treated Ntombi as one of their own and she frequently events as part of their family. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]The little girl’s mother allegedly lives in a dilapidated flat in a block in downtown Johannesburg in conditions that were warranted as not being safe for children. The mother lives in the flat with her two other children, ages six and ten. Meanwhile, the little girl’s father works as a waiter at the Saxon Hotel in Sandhurst, Johannesburg. This is the hotel restaurant where Chris Rock allegedly befriended the man and was later introduced to his children. One of the children was Ntombi-futhi. After knowing the family for approximately five months, the mother and father signed papers to allow Chris Rock and his wife, Malaak, to take their infant daughter back to the United States with them. However, the little girl only left the country on a travel visa. The Rock family did not disclose an “intent to adopt” at the time of bringing the child into the U.S., and it seemed that she would only be visiting a short time. However, seven years later, the little girl is still living under the care of the Rock family, now Malaak, following the divorce.

Chris Rock Chris Rock is currently being investigated by the South African police for allegedly taking a little girl Ntombi illegally from the country. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]The status of the child was brought to light during Chris Rock and Malaak’s divorce. The initial filings only listed the couple’s two biological children, but Ntombi was added in a counter-filing by Malaak. Rock’s ex-wife says that she is in the process of attempting to adopt Ntombi officially. However, that hasn’t stopped an elite police team in South Africa from investigating the case. The police claim that the Rock family may be guilty of something similar to “child trafficking” if they provided the little girl’s biological parents with money or gifts. They claim the investigation is ongoing but that they have determined the condition of the home of Ntombi’s biological mother is not safe for a child. Meanwhile, the biological parents are refusing to discuss the matter regarding the Rock family and their middle daughter.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]