Is Gavin Rossdale Dating Tara Reid? [Photos]

Has Gavin Rossdale moved on from his marriage to Gwen Stefani to infamous party girl Tara Reid? He may have! Following rumors of his alleged affair with his and Stefani’s former nanny, Mindy Mann, Gavin Rossdale stepped out with the actress.

Gavin Rossdale Parties With Tara Reid, Reports Person Stricken With Malaria In 1999

— StarWipe (@StarWipe) November 30, 2015

On Monday, November 30, OK! Magazine shared photos of Gavin Rossdale and Tara Reid outside of Hyde nightclub in West Hollywood, California, with a couple others. According to the report, Reid was seen following Gavin Rossdale out of the club as he and a friend left with another mystery blonde.

According to a second report, via E! News, it was noted that while Gavin Rossdale and Reid were at the same nightclub, they weren’t together. Instead, the source claimed, Gavin Rossdale was with the unnamed blonde, and the two remained close during their outing.

Below is what E! News‘ source revealed of the possible new couple‘s night out.

“[Gavin Rossdale] was with [a] mystery blonde inside the club. They held hands and it was apparent they were together—at least for the night… [Gavin Rossdale] was partying with a group of friends, but kept close to the blonde. The blonde and Gavin left the club together.”

Gavin Rossdale was seen outside of the club standing at a valet stand with the woman close by. Meanwhile, Reid stood a ways behind them.

Gavin Rossdale and his former wife, Stefani, parted ways in August of this year after 13 years of marriage and three children together, Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 20 months. Then, months later, Us Weekly published a report, claiming Gavin Rossdale had been involved in a three-year affair with the couple’s former nanny, Mann, which Stefani was made privy to in February.

Although Stefani reportedly caught Gavin Rossdale cheating on their family’s iPad, which included messages between the pair about meeting for sex and nude photos of Mann, Gavin Rossdale was said to have denied being physical with Mann at the time, and while she was immediately fired, he and wife Stefani remained in their marriage for months until he allegedly admitted to the affair.

“The iPad was linked to [Gavin Rossdale]’s phone,” a family source told Us Weekly. “One of the other nannies discovered the exchange and told Gwen.”

After Gavin Rossdale finally came clean about his rumored romance with their nanny, Stefani decided to get a divorce.

The admission “completely devastated her,” the source continued. “She was mortified, livid, and embarrassed… This was done right under Gwen’s nose.”

Since reports began swirling regarding Gavin Rossdale’s relationship with Mann, she has kept a low profile. However, at the same time, a report has surfaced, claiming Mann could soon go public with a shocking tell-all about her time with Gavin Rossdale.

“The word is Mindy is shopping her story around. She wants to do a tell-all,” an insider told Hollywood Life in November. “Her friends are negotiating for her and they seem to think it’s worth millions. But, realistically, the most she’s probably going to get is maybe $100,000. It’s all going to be dependent on if she can legally get away with it, though. Right now, she’s trying to figure out what she can say based on the paperwork she signed. It’s in the hands of a lawyer at the moment.”

Following Us Weekly‘s report about his alleged affair, Gavin Rossdale has remained silent, neither confirming nor denying his relationship with Mann. Stefani has also stayed mum on the report.

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