Can Miley Cyrus Surprise Us With Her Outrageous Outfits Anymore? You Betcha!

Miley Cyrus still has more left in her locker than we could ever imagine.

The “Wrecking Ball” star, who has been traveling with her ‘Dead Petz’ around the country, was in New York City Saturday night to enthrall her fans with the numbers of her fifth and heavily experimental studio album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. But as interesting and eclectic Miley’s music can be, this tour — cheekily renamed the Milky Milky Milk Tour — will be far more remembered for Cyrus’ outrageous choice of outfits.

That is not altogether surprising, either. One of the things we have come to associate with Miley Cyrus is obviously her eccentric taste in fashion — she is ever the provocateur — but just when you thought you’ve seen it all from the former Hannah Montana star, she comes up with something ingenious, and completely wacky.

During the entirety of her two-hour performance in New York City, as USA Today reports, Miley Cyrus kept her fans at bay by constantly changing into a variety of outfits. There was everything on display from the innocent smiling sun and a slab of butter to the utterly bizarre “porn-icorn,” for which she bedecked herself with sex toys and a bushy tail. But, if you thought that is as far as Miley could go, just hold on for a moment.

What Miley Cyrus was going to wear next is something you cannot possibly imagine!

No, Cyrus’ most bizarre outfit on Saturday night was not a prosthetic phallus (yes, that is how Miley started her tour in Chicago), neither was it a glittery sprinkling of stars over a strap-on, it was a baby’s costume. Yes, Miley Cyrus dressed as a baby, complete with a diaper, bib, and bonnet.

This is the photo Miley Cyrus uploaded yesterday on her Instagram page. Is there anything more Miley needs to do to prove her innocence?

Well, as it turns out, Miley’s choice of a baby costume was not done to ward off her critics, who constantly criticize her for the kind of messages she sends across to young fans. In that aspect, Miley will always be herself.

Once the audiences cheered Miley, she got back to doing what she does best: disrobing on stage. And that was spiced up with a suggestive one-liner that could only come from the Miley Cyrus: “I hope this is your first time seeing a baby strip,” she said, following which she got down to her glittery pink underwear and pasties for her songs, “Fweaky” and the rather bluntly titled “Bang Me Box.”

The rest of the show was messy and over-the-top, but never boring. Miley always has a way of living up to the image she has created for her young fans, who seem all the more taken with everything Miley Cyrus ever does, inside and outside of what is today the domain of virtual sphere.

She has four more stops in her tour left to go. Cyrus travels to Philadelphia next on November 5, before heading to Boston, Vancouver, and eventually to Los Angeles at the end of the month. If you think Miley Cyrus is done with her antics, you stand warned, because there is hardly anything which seems to come in the way of this young, charismatic, but remarkably misleading pop star.

Miley Cyrus will continue to surprise us, because she will always have something else left in her locker.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]