Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Holiday Photos: Josh Duggar, Anna Missing From Family Affair [Video]

Jessa Duggar has been giving fans a peek into her family life over Instagram now that cameras no longer follow the Duggar family’s every move, and Thanksgiving was no exception. Notably missing from all her photos, however, is brother Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna, who have taken to hiding since Josh reportedly entered rehab.

Thanksgiving was a time for Jessa to show off baby Spurgeon. The reality star shared several adorable photos of the infant, reports People, uploading enough video and photos to quell any fans going through 19 Kids and Counting withdrawal. Duggar also showed off her siblings as well as Josh Duggar’s youngest child, who sister Jana Duggar has been watching.


Despite reports that Josh Duggar left rehab in November, where he was receiving treatment for his sex addiction problem, the disgraced conservative Christian was nowhere to be seen in Jessa Duggar’s intimate photos. In November, Jim Bob flew the family’s private jet to Illinois and left the area after only a few hours, sparking rumors that Josh suddenly ditched rehab.

Josh entered rehab after admitting he was addicted to pornography and cheated on his wife using the infidelity website Ashley Madison. To add to the scandal, Josh Duggar is being sued by adult film star Danica Dillon for $500,000, claiming their consensual sex turned too rough. According to Dillon, although she agreed to have sex with Duggar, she claims she felt like she was being raped.

Although Josh has been out of the spotlight, Jessa has still shared photos of his children, including tiny Meredith Grace. In the holiday photos, Jessa also included Josh Duggar’s older children.


According to the International Business Times, the photos Jessa shared have sparked rumors that Josh and Anna aren’t watching their children at all — sister Jana is. In several photos Jessa shared over Instagram, Jana is holding Meredith Grace, with neither Josh nor Anna in sight.

A source close to the Duggar family toldRadar Online that it is “absolutely ridiculous how much the family makes Jana and the older siblings do,” indicating that the family dumps all the child rearing responsibilities onto Jana.

Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, are also missing since they are on a long-term mission in Central America with their family, reports the Daily Mail.

All the photos of the Duggar clan Thanksgiving formed a mini family holiday special, reports the Daily Mail, with Jessa sharing clips of her sisters singing and messing around as they celebrated Thanksgiving together.


In one clip, Jessa shared footage of her siblings preparing to go caroling, as they harmonize through “Sing We Noel.”

“Beautiful singing! I could listen to this all night!” Jessa said as she admitted that little Spurgeon “is telling me he’s ready to eat again.”

Duggar also gushed about her sister’s talent, as Jinger played the piano.

“Jinger’s piano playing is amazing! God has truly blessed her,” Jessa captioned the short video.

In another Instagram snap, Jessa shared a photo of her sisters Jennifer and Johannah, who wore matching outfits to the celebration. One sister “was trying to be as tall” as the other, and the photo shows the younger sister stretching to meet the other’s height.

Of course, Jessa herself shared what she is most thankful for: her baby boy. In a post titled “Happy Thanksgiving,” Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, shared that “[t]his Thanksgiving, one of the things we are grateful for is our precious little son, Spurgeon Elliot,” reports People.

Jessa Duggar is smitten with her new baby, as any new mother would be, and has not failed to share many photos of the darling infant. Calling their adorable baby “a Blessing from the Lord,” the new parents shared that as they are “embarking on this journey of parenthood, we appreciate all of your prayers.”

[Image via Instagram]