Leah Messer Update: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Will Regain Custody Of Twins As Corey Simms Takes Baby Home From NICU?

Leah Messer celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with her twins over the weekend. Although the Teen Mom 2 star doesn’t appear to have seen her 5-year-old girls, Ali and Aleeah, on Thursday, she reunited with them on Sunday to celebrate the holiday with her family, including her mother, Dawn Spears.

On November 29, Leah Messer shared a couple of photos from her celebration with her fans on Facebook. In the first photo, her three children, including the twins and their younger half-sister, Adalynn Faith, were seen with two other children, one of whom was the daughter of Leah Messer’s brother Isaac. In the second picture, Leah Messer’s mom was seen holding her brother’s child while sitting on a colorful blanket.

While Leah Messer would have had her twins on Thursday, her custody situation with Corey Simms, her first husband, was recently changed. As In Touch Weekly revealed last month, Simms was awarded primary custody of the girls on October 13, one year after he filed for full custody. Although details surrounding what actually happened in court have been unclear, it was reported by the magazine that Leah Messer’s failure to properly transport her children to kindergarten was likely the deciding factor.

On Teen Mom 2, Simms was seen offering to help Leah Messer with her parenting duties after learning she had been able to get their kids to school on time, but unfortunately, despite admitting to hardships, Leah Messer refused to take Simms up on his suggestion.

As Radar Online revealed last month, Leah Messer was accused of being unable to tend to her parenting duties, but according to her, she wasn’t late to school and reportedly felt her ex-husband had convinced the staff at their daughter’s school to lie in an effort to strip Leah Messer of custody, when she had proof that she was actually on time.

“[Leah Messer] had all kinds of proof to shut them down. They admitted the records were inaccurate,” a source told Radar Online. “[Leah Messer] is convinced Corey and Miranda persuaded a school employee to mark them tardy.”

According to the report, Simms and his wife have friends and the school, but after proving the allegations against her were incorrect, he and Messer are likely headed back to court with the new information, which could change their current custody agreement.

“[Leah Messer] has a good chance of bringing this to the court. She really could get her daughters back.”

Throughout the latest season of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer was faced with a number of drug allegations from both Simms and her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, who felt she was struggling with a “prescription pill problem.” However, despite going to treatment for 30 days while filming Season 6, Leah Messer maintained that her issues weren’t drug-related. Instead, she said she was suffering from anxiety and depression.

Just weeks after being awarded primary custody of Leah Messer’s twins, Simms and his wife, Miranda, welcomed a daughter, Remington Monroe Simms, nearly two months before the child was due. In the weeks that followed, Simms’ daughter remained in the NICU, but just in time for the holidays, she was allowed to go home.

As OK! Magazine revealed on November 30, Remington and her family celebrated her arrival home with a family photo last week, which also included Leah Messer’s twins.

Leah Messer and the cast of Teen Mom 2 are currently filming season seven.

[Photo via Facebook]