Is Josh Duggar That Desperate? Rumors Fly On Measures He Will Take To Stay Married To Anna Duggar, Renewing Wedding Vows?

It seems that Josh Duggar is calling for desperate measures during these desperate times in his life. At least that is what the word is now that rumors are flying around the internet that wife Anna Duggar wants to leave him. Now that he has cheated on her and caused quite a scandal for the family, new reports are now coming out that her husband is doing whatever he can to convince Anna to stay with him.

Everyone knows by now just how much the Duggar family hates the thought of divorce, even if the reason includes adultery. Now that their eldest son has committed this act and has gone against their set of strict values, causing much heartache, it looks like Josh is getting desperate to hang onto his marriage to Anna Duggar. At least that is what Hollywood Life is reporting.

They have said that an exclusive source told them that Josh is now begging his wife to renew their wedding vows once he is done with rehab. This source is supposedly close to the Duggar family and has spilled details on what the former reality star wants to do to save his marriage.

“[Josh] wants to a have an elaborate ceremony as soon as he gets out of rehab.”

It seems that he is running out of options in trying to convince Anna not to file for divorce. He wants to do something special for her, and this is what he came up with. He is afraid of losing his family if Anna chooses to leave him. At this point, it is not even certain if the mom-of-four is really seriously thinking about divorce. There have been so many rumors since Josh Duggar was caught in the middle of the Ashley Madison hack, and it was revealed that he was cheating on her. It is likely that divorce has crossed her mind, but she may just be waiting to see what happens when her husband leaves the facility.

In addition to the rumor of Josh wanting to renew wedding vows, Hollywood Life has also reported that he has been asking Anna to have another baby. Sources have insinuated that he thinks this would be the icing on cake, so to speak, to help keep his wife. However, these rumors are just hearsay right now.

Josh Duggar wants Anna to have another baby? (Photo by Anna Duggar Twitter) Josh Duggar wants Anna to have another baby? [Image via Anna Duggar/Twitter]Jessa Duggar Seewald had mentioned that the alleged sources that come out of the woodwork are not usually speaking the truth, or at the very least they are twisting things around to make it interesting. Here is what she had to say about those sources in an Instagram posted by her husband Ben Seewald.

“Seems like the tabloids are never running short of these nameless, faceless ‘sources’ who supposedly give them ‘insider information.’ Lol! Who are these people anyway? Smh. Unless they’re quoting me, just go ahead and assume it’s ain’t so.”

She is most likely speaking for the whole Duggar family when it comes to other people talking for them. One thing is for sure, Josh Duggar has caused much distress for Anna and his four kids. The youngest, Meredith Grace, is only a few months old, and it has got to be very tough on Anna trying to juggle all four of them by herself. Of course, she has all the help she needs when it comes to the 19 Kids and Counting family. They all love this hurting family, and they have been helping out with taking care of the kids.

Josh and Anna's baby Meredith Grace. (Photo by Jessa Seewald Twitter) Josh and Anna’s baby, Meredith Grace. [Image via Jessa Seewald/Twitter]Anna Duggar is expected to be talking about her husband’s infidelity this month on the upcoming TLC three-part series Jill and Jessa: Counting On. The previews have shown her speaking out on how heartbroken she was to learn what he had done to her and their marriage. It should be interesting to hear what she has to say about it.

Will Anna Duggar agree to renew her vows with Josh? Is he really that desperate to be asking his wife to have more babies? Do you think all of these rumors going around about Josh Duggar and Anna are true?

[Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram]