‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sparks Fly For Steve And Kayla, Brady Faces A Difficult Decision, And Daniel Is Irked By Fynn

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that there will be some big moves made on the romance front. As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Joey had trapped Kayla and Steve in a supply closet together. These two have been inching toward a reconciliation, and the two make another step in that direction on this December 1 show.

We Love Soaps teases that while Steve and Kayla are trapped in the closet, the sparks will fly. They will kiss, and it seems this may pave the way for a bigger romantic reunion to come soon. After many mysterious set-ups and notes, it now seems that Joey is behind the attempts to push these two back together. However, Days of Our Lives spoiler previews have detailed that there is more to come on this front.


Fans have known for some time now that Tamara Braun would be coming back in the role of Ava Vitali, and her first air date is next week. A big Days of Our Lives spoiler preview for this fall showed Ava and Joey talking about how their plan was working. Joey may think he is just pushing his parents back together, but Ava is seemingly involved, and she surely has a bigger play of some sort in mind.

Also ahead on Tuesday’s show, there will be some ruffled feathers for Daniel. Fynn has been awfully flirtatious with Nicole, and this isn’t sitting well with Daniel. What will he say or do about it? How far will things go on this front? Days of Our Lives spoilers have indicated that Shawn Christian’s time as Daniel will be coming to an end soon, though it is not known yet how Fynn will figure into the upcoming exit or what happens with Nicole once he’s gone.


As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Victor will be pushing Brady into a difficult position during Tuesday’s episode. Brady is back with Theresa, and Victor has made it clear that he is not happy about it. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Victor will push Brady to choose between his job at Titan and Theresa. While Victor may think that Brady will stick with Titan, it seems he will surprise Victor and choose Theresa later in the week.

As the week continues, viewers will see Bo Brady’s funeral and Shawn’s farewell to Belle and Salem. However, Shawn will return in January, albeit looking quite different. Hope will connect with Claudia and push for answers about Bo’s captivity. Viewers will have to tune in to see just how successful she is.

Thursday’s show brings big developments with the Abigail situation. As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Rafe and Chad got some key information pinpointing where Ben was, and despite the snowstorm, Chad rushed off to try to save Abigail and the baby. Chad will get to the cabin, but Ben isn’t about to concede and walk away. Abigail and Chad will find themselves in a very precarious situation later this week.

Will Abigail, Chad, and the baby make it out of the fire without being harmed? What happens with Ben? There have been rumors swirling that big changes could be ahead soon for Abigail, and now that news of another brief DOOL return have emerged some suspect that the rumors are true and this next return is somehow related. However, it seems it will take some time yet for all of this to play out if the buzz is true.

DOOL fans are heartbroken by Bo Brady’s death, but the fallout will certainly shake things up in Salem for some time to come. Will Hope be able to avenge Bo’s death? Will Steve and Kayla reunite for good? Viewers are anxious to see just what comes next on Days of Our Lives.

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