‘Scream Queens’ Star Keke Palmer Teases ‘Obvious’ Red Devil Killer, Plus Will Dean Munsch Survive For Season 2?

With the season one finale of FOX’s newest horror comedy, Scream Queens, only a few weeks away there is still a good deal of mystery surrounding the identity of the Red Devil killer. With that in mind, Scream Queens star Keke Palmer recently dished some hints concerning the Red Devil during a retail party for Pimark.

According to In Style, Palmer started things out be talking about her character, Zayday, and how she is somewhat of a reflection of her own personality. “Zayday is a little more diva than me,” Palmer stated. “She never wears flats and she wears a whole lot of chunky jewelry. But playing Zayday has really given me a lot of confidence in my own personal style as well because she is just herself. She’s not afraid to try it.”

Palmer went on to talk about Zayday’s ’90s style before dishing on the identity of the Red Devil. Although she did not outright reveal who the killer is, she did offer a few hints at who it might turn out to be.

“Ryan [Murphy] said in the beginning that the killer was obvious,” Palmer revealed in the interview. “So he made us believe that it wasn’t obvious, but it honestly was really obvious. I’m so excited to see what people think.”

With only three episodes before the end of the first season, it will definitely be interesting to see if Palmer’s comments prove true.

Meanwhile, International Business Times is reporting the Red Devil has another round of murders in store for the upcoming episode of the show, titled “Black Friday.” In fact, the official synopsis for the episode reveals that Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), along with Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd), Chanel #5 (Libby Putney), and Hester Ulrich (Lea Michele) may be next on the killer’s list.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch on 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox] Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch on ‘Scream Queens.’ [Image via Fox]The synopsis, which was released by TV Guide, reveals that the killer is planning on striking the girls during their hectic Black Friday day of shopping. At the same time, along with the aforementioned characters who are at risk of being killed, the synopsis mentions that Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) may also be set for the killing block.

Speaking of Munsch, the character may have other problems on her hands besides worrying about a Red Devil attack. In fact, the teaser video for the episode reveals that Munsch is now a target of the pledges of the KKT sorority, including Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels), who now firmly believe that she is the real Red Devil Killer.

While Grace is set to attempt to stop Munsch, she will also be tracking down the real Red Devil. In the most recent episode, Grace discovered that Weston Gardner (Oliver Hudson) is Boone Clemens (Nick Jonas) father. This means that Grace is set to enlist the help of her father in order to find out the identity of the remaining Red Devil Killer.

Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin on 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox] Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin on ‘Scream Queens.’ [Image via Fox]Elsewhere, the Latin Post is reporting that some changes are ahead for Denis Hemphil (Niecy Nash). In particular, the character is set to start a brand new job while she also reveals some information about a past murder. Exactly what this entails and the significance of her revelation is unknown at this time.

With the identity of the other Red Devil Killer still unknown, it is anyone’s guess as to which characters will survive the upcoming installment. With so many characters set to be the target of the killer, it is possible that a massacre is in the works. Considering the Red Devil’s flair for attention, it would not be a surprise if a number of characters do not make it out alive.

The next episode of Scream Queens, titled “Black Friday,” is set to air Tuesday night on FOX.

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[Image via Fox]