Cleveland Browns Rumors: Is Tim Tebow An Option After Josh McCown Injury? Johnny Manziel To Stay Buried On Bench

The Cleveland Browns were just dealt one of the most heartbreaking losses of the season at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens, but they may have lost much more. Quarterback Josh McCown was injured during the game and it forced Austin Davis to come into the game in relief of him. With Johnny Manziel relegated to the end of the bench, the possibility of the Browns signing Tim Tebow may start coming around again.

As if matters weren’t bad enough with the loss of McCown yet again, the ending of the game was absurd and out of this world.

NFL reported that McCown exited the game in the middle of the fourth quarter and jogged to the locker room. Baltimore Ravens’ Timothy Jernigan and Courtney Upshaw hit McCown and it led to the Browns starter heading off the field with a shoulder injury.

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During the game, the Browns said that McCown injured his shoulder and was doubtful to return. He did not as Austin Davis took over for him and Johnny Manziel became Davis’ back-up. McCown had tried to stay in the game, but he just couldn’t take the pain anymore.

It’s not yet known how much time, if any, he will miss for the Browns. If McCown can’t come back for next week’s game, expect Austin Davis to start against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

As reported by ESPN, Johnny Manziel was activated for the game against the Baltimore Ravens, but he didn’t end up playing. Cleveland usually keeps just two quarterbacks active each week, but McCown hasn’t been 100 percent healthy in weeks.

That is the reason that Manziel was active against the Ravens, and it turned out being a good thing as if he hadn’t been, then Davis would have been the lone quarterback once McCown went out.

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Now, depending on how severe Josh McCown’s injury may be, the Browns still do have two quarterbacks to have active each week. The thing is, will they want to risk having to put Johnny Manziel back into a game after all that has gone on recently and this season?

There are some free agent signal callers out there, and one of them is Tim Tebow.

Earlier in the season, the Browns were linked by rumors to Tebow and the thought was that they may bring him in when McCown was injured the first time. Sports World News reported that Tebow was being looked at as a serious consideration by Cleveland, but obviously, nothing ever came of it.

Now, if they were to bring him into the fold, it would be interesting to see if the Browns would put him behind or ahead of Manziel on the depth chart. Still, that’s a big “if” which is preceded by another big “if” whether they would want to sign him or not.

Currently, Tim Tebow is an analyst, and he also has his name in the news a lot lately, but for a reason other than football entirely.

The Cleveland Browns have two quarterbacks on their roster in Austin Davis and Johnny Manziel who can hold their own if Josh McCown has to be out any length of time due to injury. It’s all whether or not the Browns want to risk having to put Manziel in, and that’s why Tim Tebow’s name will start floating around again.

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